CUWAM- ‘ You are Crazy Sydney’ Manu Chao, Sydney 2012

Inner city life, inner city pressure
The concrete world is starting to get ya
The city is alive, the city is expanding,
Living in the city can be demanding.

Flight of the Concords , circa 2007

I am feeling the pressure of summer in city of Sydney…Crazy times!! Hence I pay homage to the Flight of the Concords brilliant song ‘ Inner City Pressure’….boy is this girl feeling it!! The pressure to PARTY!!

Today I resume Catch up with a Mate’s weekly summary, tomorrow Friendship Firestarters and so on…Oh the pressure…and all  while I hold down a full-time job, catch up with friends at every spare minute and conduct a life full of summer time fun.

The City of Sydney is awash with Festival Fever…though some claim not to be caught up in the party…I am well and truly immersed.

The week that was saw the return to work…BORING….and the hum drum of 9-5 starts again for another year. The week that was saw the return to the gym, for a 20 minute work out session, hopefully the first of many for 2012. The week that was provided much sorrow ie office administration and great joy ie catch up drinks at the delightful Darlo Bar with beautiful colleagues for work. The week that was saw the end of the summer series: ‘ The Twelve Beaches of Christmas’, with the final swim taking place in The Domain, Sydney at the Andrew ‘ Boy ‘ Charlton Pool.

The end of my summer ode to swimming means I can now focus on the events that will no doubt unfold, envelope and consume me in 2012…and if the week that was is anything to go by, it is going to be a ripper of a tale.

A good friend from Edinburgh, Jill is in town, and we spent Saturday afternoon park side, drinking wine and eating summer nibbles. Other friends joined the party, and by 7pm the entertainment started…Festival First Night, the city of Sydney’s free opening night spectacular swept us up into its magical spell, and we danced and sang along to the likes of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Meagan Washington and the one, the only Manu Chao.

I was introduced to the music of Manu Chao 10 years ago when I lived in Edinburgh as a backpacker…He is a French singer of Spanish roots. He has large South American and European fan base…but never before had he performed to his Australain fans…..until now.Manu’s sweet melodies and party tunes have long been favourites music of mine….Seeing him perform to an audience of 200,000  fans on Saturday night was truly inspiring….Manu…Come back to Australia  soon, we love you….and you clearly loved us ‘ You are Crazy Sydney’ you cried as we danced, and danced and danced….

And then there was Sunday….the effect of wine in the sun and none stop dancing had finally caught up with Jill and I. A late lunch was eaten at Jed’s in North Bondi, and we then headed on foot to the Sunday markets, strolled along the beach and then headed to Bondi Icebergs for a cool drink.

Picking up the pace in the evening, we headed to Oxford street, and whilst Jill had an apple cider,  I sipped on a water, at the very, very cool bar ‘ Shady Pines Saloon’…Dinner at Bill and Toni’s in East Sydney followed…and B.E.D soon after that.

Ah Sydney, I wonder if I can really keep up the pace you require in 2012…I am getting old, require a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, 3 meals a day, periods of silence  etc etc…the  last week has seen routine go out the window,  dishes pile up and the house gather dust…I ask myself can I live this life, in this state of continual celebration??

The answer is YES…but ONLY  till the end of January….

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