Friendship Fire Starters : Summer Festivals

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Summer had arrived and there can be no better way to catch up with a mate that at a summer festival. It can be even better if the summer festival is FREE

I wrote yesterday about the joy that was the Sydney Festival First night, a night of free entertainment, both local and international artists and performers intent on getting Sydney siders up on their feet and dancing the night away. It only seems fair to therefore¬† dedicate the first of 2012’s Friendship Firestarters to the summer festival, for it has contain the perfect ingredients for a lovely catch up with friends.

Summer Festival Key Ingredients:

  • Guests ( the more the merrier)…do whatever you can, phone, text, email you nearest and dearest to ensure that they join you on a picnic rug, in the park grounds, for an a day, afternoon or evening of good times.
  • Picnic Hamper…You can NEVER over cater for an outdoor festival…cheese, biscuits, dips, salad, cold chicken…you name it, it will be eaten and enjoyed..There is nothing better that a meal outdoors with friends
  • Drinks…You can NEVER over cater on drinks for an outdoor festival….Sparking wine, Champagne, White wine spritzers, Lemon Lime Bitters…again is best enjoyed outdoors, with great company and in a festival environment
  • Cushions / Blankets…Compfort is important at outdoor events, and you might have to wait some time for the gig to start…And whilst I would recommend everyone invest in a hammock in a stand (for an outdoor festival this is not practical)…the picnic blanket and a couple of cushions will do the trick
  • Good Mood…Chances are you will be one of thousands of others making the most of the summer weather, and setting up camp at the free summer event…Bringing a good mood and a sense of community spirit is essential…chances are you will have you foot trodden on at least once, your picnic space encroached on etc…You are all there to enjoy together…that is half the fun

So if you feel inspired,and you are in Sydney for January 2012, there are loads of free events that you can take part in….Summer Sounds in the Domain on the Sat the 14th of January, Symphony in the Domain on the 21st…and the beat goes on…as does the list of things to do…I urge you to check out the Sydney Festival guide….Summer just got a whole lot better!!

Click here to see the Sydney Festival 2012 program

Readers out there, are there any Summer Festivals you would recommend? Love to hear about it…feel free to post your suggestions.

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