Frienship Fire Starter: The Phone Call

The second post of the 2012  series ‘ Friendship Fire Starters’..the humble phone call.

For new readers of this blog, a Friendship Fire Starter’s are prompts to action…to encourage readers to catch up with those held near and dear to them , to partake in activities aimed at igniting all that is wonderful and unique about their friendships.

Life can be busy….to quote Flight of the Concords for the second time this week ‘ Inner city life, Inner city pressure, The concrete world is starting to get you’…Yep, city living, country living….just plain living, provides us all with a daily to-do list that seems endless…Often our friendships take a back seat whilst we get on with our busy schedules…Days, weeks, months pass….and we go about our lives failing to connect with the people we treasure most.

What better way to connect with someone when you are time poor than a phone call….and if you suffer from poor memory, ABBA’s oh so catchy ( some might say annoying tune) will no doubt play over and over in your head, making it impossible not to ‘ Ring, Ring’ that special someone…

I have a classic tale about phone conversations that I must share. Back in the late 90’s, when I was in Year 10 at High School, a new girl with red ringlets appeared on the school playground one day. This girl was from Victoria, she was a foriegner….very exotic in my home town of Wollongong. This girl was loud, vocal, expressive…all the things I was not but wanted oh so badly to be….This girl had to be my friend!

My behaviour borders on that of a school girl crush…It was slightly unnerving to recall this story….but here goes.

How could I get this fiery red ringlet haired  girl to be my friend? The answer came in the form of a phone call.

One Saturday afternoon I scoured the white pages for her family phone number…I knew the area they had moved to, I had her last name…How hard could it be? ( Remember this is the era before internet,  mobile phones, facebook and all other common place stalking devices)

I dialled the number that appeared most likely to be her.

‘ Hello, is that Jess?’ I whimpered down the phone…I did not even have a game plan….I was nervous…My heart was racing….What was I thinking…More importantly…What was I doing??

‘ Yes, this is me’

I had hit the jackpot!!

And I then babbled on about myself, stating who I was, describing myself as the girl with braces and bad skin, and asking her to a movie…which was declined because she had friends in town…from Victoria.

‘ But thanks for calling’ and the line went dead.

The End

But wait…there is MORE….

But the story strangely enough continues…continues to the present day!! That girl with the red hair did become my friend, and THAT phone call has become part of the folk law of our friendship!!

I look back on that moment in time and I don’t recognise myself……  I was racked with nerves.. unsure of myself, and  desperate for Jess to be my friend. This girl was like a life raft, at a pretty unhappy time in my teenage years, she was someone I hoped could drag me kicking and screaming from the  inner world of my thoughts and into the here and now.

And someone must have been smiling down on me that day…because it worked…That phone call made an impression…Jess did become my friend, the kind that sticks with you through thick and thin, who shares life’s ups and down, twist and turns, speed bumps and avalanches….

And while this is really just a tale of pent-up teenage angst, and not every phone has to have so much riding on it….ABBA, I think say it best ‘ Ring , Ring, why don’t you give me a call. Ring, Ring, the happiest sound of them all!’

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