CUWAM- ‘ They had it all….then they ATE it all’

Late last year I joined the online writing group ‘ Write on Wednesday’…it was a great descision….Each week a writing prompt is given and you have 5 days to submit a short piece of writing. Last weeks prompt gave much joy…it encouraged us to listen into other people’s conversations, in the hope of hearing a ‘pearla’ of a one liner….A line of conversation that you could take away with you, and later, in front of a computer, with a glass of wine, write a fantastic story.

I was lucky enough to over hear the line ‘ My heart says’…and so naturally my head told me to write a story about love….Yet the Write on Wednesday prompt seemed to creep over into the everyday… I began to listen with great intensity to everything around me. My cat Flora snoring in the early hours of the morning, the bird songs, the muffled music coming through the headphones of the young school boy on the bus, the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard, pumping out emails at a fast and furious pace.

Summer sounds also echoed through the television…that was on quiet frequently. The Australian Tennis Open, 2 weeks of high intensity, gladiator style encounters, where men and women do battle with racquets and green balls. Commentary provided some light relief as men and women staged epic battles, lasting for up to 6 hours….My favourite line from Jim Courier during the mens’ final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal was ‘ The chair ( umpire) is on fire’ in reference to the accuracy of his line calls….Loved it!! I am sure there was plenty of other great lines, but I retired from the match at 10.30pm…and another 3.5 hours of tennis still to unfold!!

And then there was my favourite line that came through my car radio as I drove to Ramsgate, South Sydney for a catch up lunch for my wonderful friends, Al and Steph…Ramsgate RSL…It was a pleasure. Yes, I overheard a classic promotional line for the new series that airs this evening on Channel Nine’ Excess Baggage’…. A show about down and out celebrities who have all gained a few too many pounds since finding fame….The radio promo bolding claimed…’ They had is all…..Then they ATE is all!’….I just think that is pitch perfect….And sadly I can’t weight ( pardon the pun) to see K-Fed ( Brittany Spears ex) hitting the tread mill…Heart attack scares , time in Mount Druitt Hospital, some might say that K-Fed is accruing baggage of another type whilst attempt to lose the weight….But I am hooked…and I have not even seen one episode….As the billboards state…’The weight is OVER’…the show beings tonight….

I was privileged to hear to sublime sounds of Megan Washington and her band at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday night…The last hurrah in my Sydney Festival ticket binge….well worth it.

It was a week that I participated in a  casual hit of tennis after work, I took to the treadmill at Kings Cross gym and puffed and panted my way through a 30 minute workout.

I listened to barista’s frothing milk at my favourite Potts Point cafe, Cafe Hernandez, paying $4.50 for a coffee on Australia day and then tipping them 50cents…an expesnive but tasty brew. I spent the public holiday at home with Flora, watching tennis, cooking a lamb curry and generally lying horizontally on my bed.

The weekend came and went all to quickly….there was the birthday lunch, a catch up coffee with my friend Sarah, and a quiet Saturday evening at home, watching the splendid Australian movie starring Sam Worthington and Abbie Cornish ‘ Sommersault’….a movie I watched many times, I just love it….Whilst it is not the most uplifting film, it is beautifully shot, the acting mesmerizing, the  soundtrack pure bliss…

Sunday was spent lazing around on Coogee Beach with new Mum Elena, her bub Søren, and comrades Jane and Glen…We cramped ourselves under a single  beach umbrella, frolic in the sea and ate fish and chips on the sand…A perfect day….

On reflection, the week was near perfect….but I could not help but think back to my motto for 2012….Expect the Unexpected…The only time I questioned this approach to 2012 was on Saturday night, when I curled up with Flora on the coach for a DVD night…knowing full well that nothing unexpected would happen…I had even seen the film at least 10 times before…..

If I am to embrace 2012 will gusto I am going to have to up the anti…no more Saturday nights in front of the tellie…..This is my solemn pledge!!

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