CUWAM- Living the High Life

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I am slowly losing the will to live ( within the confines of an office block anyway)…but the will to blog remains….it  grows stronger each time I am sidetracked from my ‘true calling’.

I am a day behind in my blog entry and each time I answer a work related email, or provide some awesome level of customer service to a newly arrived University student, a voice inside my head say ‘ You need to work on that which is MOST important, that which brings you most happiness, your true calling in life…the life of a writer’

Well maybe the voice is not that DRAMATIC, but I honestly have been wanting to hit the keyboard from the past 27 hours and have failed miserably each time I have thought the moment to write was upon me…until now.

There is also another factor plaguing my writing ability….I am sick. Struck down with a summer flu, feeling blue….hard of hearing, heavy of head…the usual tale of woe that goes with flu-like symptoms….Looking to anyone for sympathy, rarely getting any and just having to ‘ get on with it’…even though you feel like staying in bed, and sleeping off this dreaded head cold, awakening hours, days later if necessary, all shiny and new…fabulous and fancy free!!

But no…I have had to muddled through the past couple of days in a daze…I long for the light at the end of this summer flu.

The week that was, last week, was golden….till I got sick that is….So forgive me if I glance over Thursday through to Sunday ( and all the people I spent time with during that time period, please take no offense…I truely enjoyed your company)

Monday and Tuesday: Movie Nights. I saw the ‘ Dictator’, the new Sacha Baron Cohen Film and ‘ The Separation’ , an Iranian film which won an Oscar last night for best foreign film. Both movies were interesting in their own right, and could not have been more different ( from that sentence you can tell my forte is not film reviewing)

Wednesday: An after work swim at the devine Wylie’s Baths in Coogee with friends, following by burgers and chips from my favourite Clovelly Burger shop: ‘ Out of the Blue’ on Clovelly Road…Burger heaven…Do yourself a favour and next time you are in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs….Burger it up!!

Thursday: The Highlight

A roof top swim in Kings Cross in the early evening….Following a body pump session at a Darlinghurst gym ( a session which reduced my walking skills to a mere shuffle by Saturday…the pain of avoiding weights for 8 months and then assuming your body can take it….oh so wrong!!)

But the roof top swim…what was not to love? I have ideas above my station…A roof top swim on NYE 2011-2012 developed in me a preference for swimming in pools at skyscraper level ONLY…. for water frolics that allow the swimmer to feel as though they are amongst the clouds…who is really into earth-bound swimming anyway?

Thanks to a body beautiful colleague, a Thursday night roof top dip was possible…This was followed by ice cream, sushi and wine.

The next day I awoke to sickness….

Friday, Saturday and Sunday…whilst I did my best to will my sickness to the back of my mind….and get on with my life as best I could….I faltered often. In between naps, and drinking lots of fluid, I caught up with my wonderful God Father in Haberfield and dined with the parentals at my new favourite restaurant in Randwick: Chat Thai.

Monday- I have repressed it

Tuesday: The day I found the time to blog, and put my sickness to the side and hit the keyboard running….

Write on Wednesday: The Letter

The Write on Wednesday Spark: Dear…

This week’s writing exercise is to write a letter. Write an open letter or write to someone more specific. Write a letter between two fictional characters or write a letter into a fictional piece you are already working on. Think about how differently you write depending upon who you are writing to. Your content in an open letter may differ to content in a private letter. Wherever the prompt takes you. Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh, and enjoy!

Dear Reader

Thank you for reading…I really mean it. Thank you.

I started this blog back in June 2011…and since my fingers first hit the keyboard I have been addicted to this thing called blogging.

So I guess I wanted to say thanks ( I have already said that three times) for taking time out of your busy days, to log onto the Catch up with a Mate site, and indulging me in reading my daily, more than likely weekly tales of inner city solo living ( with black cat Flora as my trusty side-kick and companion)

Looking back on the last 8 months, I know you, the humble reader have been by my side the whole time….My heart skips a beat when I log into my blog home page and see that someone has not only taken the time to read, but COMMENT on a story. This kind of encouragement is enough to throw my day off course…I feel inspired, knowing that my story has connected with someone out there in the big bad world on some small level…I feel even more compelled to keep at this thing called story telling.

At this point in my roll call of praise to you, the reader, I can hear faint whispers that you have now cottoned on to a way to stop the flow of words…stop commenting…But sometime reading alone is enough to bring a smile to my face. For each time you read, you become part of my statistics count for the day. A friend at work often finds me gazing at my stats page on my blog homepage…This friend tells me I have ‘ Sold out’ that all I care about is’ Stats’…that could not be further from the truth…the truth is simple….I love to write.

So thank you for sharing this journey with me….you make my day when you present yourself to me in either statistic or comment form…I love you all ( this is starting to sound like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscars acceptance speech circa 1998)

For though you inspire me to keep going, an exert from a book I read in a New York papershop in September of last year best describes why I feel compelled to tell my story…..

“When I got older I decided I wanted to be a real writer. I tried to write about real things. I wanted to describe the world, because to live in an undescribed world was too lonely.” Nicole Krauss, The History of Love, 2005

So in order to stop gushing out warm fuzzies like Gwyneth…I will stop here and now…

But before I go….I’ll just say one more thing…Thank you.

Much Love


Bubble O’Bill Ice Creams

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Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.

This week, I am paying homage to an Australia ice cream, Streets Bubble O’Bill, an iconic ice cream on a stick, a sweet treat that flavours many of my childhood memories.

A Bubble O’Bill ice cream is best enjoyed with friends….summer or winter, autumn or spring…Season’s don’t really matter, but the company you share whilst devouring the combination of chocolate, strawberry and caramel ice-cream + bubble gum ball  is MOST important.

The fable begins, when as a young girl, aged 10, my Father and one of his best mates, would relieve their respective wives of a weekend of child raising duties, and head South…as far south as they could handle with a bunch of kiddie-winks under 10!!

The place we ascended on, time and time again, was Bream ‘ Beautiful ‘ Beach. As the eldest of the pack of rug rats, I was taken on these weekend trips as a glorified baby sitter, some-one who could look after the ‘youngster’ whilst the Dad’s took their tinnie far from shore, for spot of fishing.

Hours later they would return, and the kids, including me, would be OVER  it….Hungry, tired, hot, exhausted….the only thing that could redeem our Dad’s after a morning of seaside torture was the promise of an ice cream…not just any ice cream…a Bubble O’ Bill

We would sing on high as our car, towing the boat would near the Errol Bay New agency…singing made up tunes about ice cream, putting extra pressure on our Dad’s, making it near impossible for them to do a drive by without an ice cream purchase.

And when the sweet chocolate, caramel and strawberry goodness hit our lips, ALL was forgiven….The pain staking hours in the morning sun, the tears and tantrums as our Dad’s boat neared the shore, only to swerve back out to sea, signalling that the waiting game would continue….running out of food rations, water and ideas to keep everyon entertained, happy….Everything was ALWAYS forgiven when we received a Bubble O’Bill.


As an adult, it is with fondness that I look back on those times in the summer sun, so much so that only last year, the original gang assembled at Bream, 15 years had passed, and there were new ‘gang’ members;  a few husbands and a girlfriend…eager to experience the legend that has become a weekend away at  Bream Beach.

And a legendary weekend require a legendary ice cream…So true to form, we stopped by the Errol Bay newsagency ( there was no need for a sing along this time…we had control of the wheel!!) and purchased 8 Bubble O’ Bills.

That evening, after a few wines, and a lovely dinner…in what was truly chilly conditions…we indulged in our favourite childhood ice cream….Time may have passed, but dessert transported us back to childhood ( it took the Bream Beach first timers were as well)….Smiles spread across our faces, ice cream dripped down our chin and in an instant…we were kids again!!

So do yourself a favour, grab a Bubble O’ Bill and be a big kid again….thats an order!!

CUWAM- Joining the Joyride

It seemed quiet fitting that week that saw one of my childhood hero’s buried, that I would see one of my teenage hero’s perform live ( that sounds rather horrible but it is what happened!)

Roxette live in concert…in the year 2012….Never in my wildest dreams would I have been bold enough to predict such a musical comeback….But I am oh so happy that this Swedish duo decided to return to Australia after a 17 year absence.

In a concert filled with songs, described by Sydney Morning Herald reviewer as having ‘ a high cheese content, I was treated to music from a band described in the same article as being ‘responsible for some of the worst crimes in the field of pop music since the mid-’80’s’….But I beg to differ….

Ok the cheese factor was high, extremely high, Per and Marie sing with astonishing conviction in the classic hit ‘ Joyride’ ….’ And we are all magic friends…C’mon join the joyride’….and in the song  Dangerous ‘ Your hiding under a halo, your mouth is alive’….Lyrical GOLD, songs like this would not be written in this day and age.

Cheese aside, my friends and I danced, laughed and sang along at the top of our lungs..belting out the hits ‘ Must have been Love’ , The Look’ and everything in between…We were treated to new hits, a favourite line from a new song which’s title escapes me ‘ I have been in love with your hair-do for a week’….Pure cheese, pure gold, pure light-hearted fun….We left our 2012 worries behind and partied 1980’s style…..

In a week were you get to see your Swedish Idols perform live, little can be written to top such a moment. Yes the band had aged, Marie had suffered and beaten brain cancer…. her movements were not as carefree as they once were….and Per’s looked gaunt, his face had aged…But their performance was heartfelt and you could tell that both band members truly wanted to be on stage that evening…Their voices and love of music has stood the test of time, and I felt lucky to be in the audience that evening…a guilty trip down nostalgia lane….a ‘joyride’ that I did not want to end!!

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The rest of the week was spent listening to Whitney Houston’s many hits on high rotation….I listened to her stunning voice whilst i did data entry at work, I listened as I drove around the city in my little car, I listened at home on my stereo ( and was saddened to learn that my cassette playing had, like Whitney, passed on… it no was no longer working, and my Whitney cassette collection redundant….more reasons to be sad…)

I completed a few gym work outs, I dined with friends at inner city pubs, mexican restaurants and japanese sushi houses. I tried burnt caramel ice cream ( never again) , a fresh jalapeno pepper and drove down a one way street in the suburb of Double Bay ( there was a sign that said no entry, one way traffic only) that I seemed to ignore…Lucky I was going at snail pace and an elderly man wound down his window, and ever so politely pointed out my mistake…Humanity at its finest, crisis averted, I reversed some many mitres, reversed myself all the way into a car park, locked the car, and proceeded to go grocery shopping!!

The weekend also presented fine weather…on both days….I swam at Bondi Beach on Sunday at lunch time, and took an early evening dip at Neilson Park, Vacluse….Heaven….I then slept through what was described as a ‘wild night’ in Sydney, with flash flooding in the Eastern Suburbs ( where I live), power lines and trees down, 12 people rescued from cars….Pure carnage…Yet I slept through it all, only noticing the destruction early this morning, for my inside my flat, a mini flood had occurred in the hallway…How had Flora the cat had not drowned in the storm water?…But it was nothing that a mop and a few towels could not fix!!

Ah, on looking back on the last 7 days, it brings a smile, it was a damn fine week….Please sir, Can I have some more?

Write on Wednesday: Monsters Under your Bed

The Write on Wednesday Spark:  The monsters under your bed
Think back to when you were very young. Try to recall one of your first fears. A shadow on the wall, a ghost in the closet, a person, a scene from a movie or book. Write about that fear. Try to remember the feeling it gave you, what that fear would make you do and how you were comforted. Write a real life story or a piece of fiction. Wherever the prompt takes you. Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh, and enjoy!

Looking back on my childhood, feelings of being scared and frightened emerge when I think about films I watched as a young girl.

I have a faint memory of sitting in Greater Union Cinema, with my Mum and Dad, I don’t think my brother had been born. I was four years of age and as a family, we were watching the Steven Spielberg classic ‘ ET…it was very dark in cinema, the seats were uncomfortable ( heads up…they still are!!), and I remember being scared by the film. I was unable to sit in my seat, and climbed onto my Dad lap and he put his arms around me.

Moments later, my fear had escalated….My Dad was crying, or sniffling silently…ET wanted to ‘ go home’, but he was stuck in limbo land, earth-bound and his health was deteriorating….I think it was then and there that I started to cry….Not because ET was dying, but because my Dad, who was my hero, was crying….It was all too much for my 4-year-old self…I just wanted ET to go home, and for my family to do the same….

At about the age of 10, I had gotten over my fear of ET and my crying Father, only to scare myself silly with the Australian film ‘ Picnic and Hanging Rock’….I absolutely loved this movie as a young girl, and despite the fact that it sent cold shivers down my spine, and I had to cover my ears to drown out the terror inducing pan flute music….I watched it over and over on repeat.

The ‘true’ story of an all girl boarding school’s day trip to Hanging Rock in country Victoria…a picnic from which 3 girls and one headmistress never return….It is a truly haunting tale…it plays on the fear of the unknown….the mystery surrounding the fateful Valentine day picnic in 1900 are never solved.

The movie captivated my over active imagination….the imagery, the sublime beauty of rural Victoria, the imposing rock and the angelic beauty of the young school girls…the questions raised by the film…What exactly did happen at the rock?…All remained unanswered…the credits roll and all that you are left with is the haunting sound of a single pan flute playing over and over and over…

For indeed it was the music that for me, was ultimately fear inducing….The occasional scream, the silence, a certain look on an actor’s face…yes they induced fear…but that darn pan flute got the better of me every time, for it echoed throughout the film, ripped through the rugged country landscape , reverberated off the rock…and thus adding another layer level of intrigue, to an already baffling tale…..

Check out this clip below…if you dare…..Or cover your ears, and just watch the pictures…which is what I have done from time to time over the years!!

Friendship Fire Starter: A Valentine

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Yesterday was Valentines Day…the perfect day to celebrate friendship of the ‘ love ‘ variety.

I took the liberty of declaring my undying love of my feline friend, Flora the cat. Though she had no choice in the matter, and probably found this level of adoration slightly overwhelming and unnecessary, she was my object of affection on the 14th of February.

It started with a facebook status updated at 9.01 am ‘ I said it in 2011 and I will say it again in 2012, Flora Boyle, the cat, my Valentine xx’…..this status received an overwhelming response ( 11 friends, mostly my girlfriends) liked the update….as it was Valentines Day, I can safely assume they may have also loved it.

My love for Flora also made me aware of the open display of love around me that day….As I waited for the bus to work on Crown Street, Surry Hills, I witnessed acts of love in their finest form. Two men, hand in hand, walking down the street, one holding a small vase which contained a single red rose. The florist opposite the bus stop, abuzz with activity, their delivery van being piled up with bouquets of flower arrangements for the lucky in love, the cupcake shop, a queue of people waiting outside the storefront, eager to purchase heart-shaped sweets.

I spent V-Day in the office, thinking only of Flora and the evening we would have together…. I would cook whilst she took a shower ( well lick herself from head to toe on my bed), I would eat dinner, she would sit on my lap and we would watch ‘ Who do you think you are’ on SBS….romance is alive and well!!

That evening while I shopped for my romantic dinner for one human / one feline, men and women alike, along the  shopping strip of Randwick, were armed with flower arrangements and soft toys, eager to get home to loved ones…And I was just as eager, despite the fact that I was carrying  shopping bags and a 4 litre container of kitty litter…Eager to get home to Flora, my own bouquet of fury goodness.

Valentines Day is revered as many things: a money spinner, commercialism at its ugliest, just another day, a  day to reflect on the wonder that is love.

I think Valentines Day is just another day, but the very fact that the focal point of this day is love, makes it special, sets it apart from the other 363 days in the year….Why not make love the focal point of each day?

I am reminded on a daily basis of the importance of love in daily life…when Flora softly meows for more food or purrs when I give her a tummy rub, it helps to reinforce that it is  love that adds colour to otherwise ordinary days….

CUWAM: A very special birthday- A year in Review

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What a week, the weekend took centre stage…there needs to be no talk on Monday to Friday…I recorded the highlight of the workday week that was earlier than usual…my ‘ Love Never Dies’ post, documenting the wonder that was Ben Lewis aka The Phantom and the new Andrew Lloyd Weber musical….there is nothing more to be said.

The weekend…it was always going to be about the weekend. For it was on the weekend, that my mini best friend, Ms Mae, was celebrating very special milestone…the little ladies 1st birthday.

It is at this point that I will also state, that as it was a very social weekend, I took the liberty of circulating my blog’s ‘business cards’ / or as I prefer to call them ‘ friendship cards’ ( sounds less like I am trying to flog a product or increase my blog stats!!) And it is at this point that I will also admit to the fact that this entry will slightly pander to the egos of those who received these friendship cards…I hope to lure them into my writing web by name dropping and referencing how awesome they are…..So here goes….

Saturday was all about the build up to the main event, like a foot ball grand final or the America Superbowl, there was lots of pre match entertainment to partake in.

I was lucky enough to secure a hair appointment at my favourite South Coast hair dressing salon, D’Luxe Hair and Beauty. This salon always makes me feel like a million dollars, and the fact that I was using a gift voucher given to me at Christmas time for the hair colour and cut, made me feel even richer!! Thank you Casey, Tennelle and your wonderful team for the hair make over….I love it.

After lunch and a side of  shopping in Shellharbour, I ascended, cake tins. food colouring and present in tow, on Ms Mae family home…and got ready to get this party started…some 24 hours before the first guest was to arrive.

What can be said when a year passes, and in the blinking of an eye, you look up, and the little girl who was welcomed into the world 363 days earlier, has now found her feet, her voice, her personality, her smile?

The answer, not much.

Birthdays bring about a time to reflect, to look back and marvel, admire and be thankful….Ms Mae has come along way and she has brought so much joy and happiness who have shared this journey….A little lady who is impossibly cute, smily and cuddly….Check out her slide show, her year in review….A beg you to differ!

Saturday night, a pre-party dinner with held. In attendance was Jess ( Mae’s Mum) and her sister Hannah, with her three children in tow  and  husband Dave. Mae’s  Grandma, Gran Re,  was also in town for the festivities….having driven a mere 12 hours to herald in the special occasion. Over Chinese takeaway, we laughed, children cried ( happy tears) and then self-professed nerd Dave left for the premiere of Star Wars in 3D or something!?

The same evening, a birthday cake was made, presents opened, children were wrapped up in blankets and placed in bed, adults drank ( too much), and by midnight a you-tube disco had broken out in the lounge room …It was…to put it mildly…ALL HAPPENING!!

After a few hours sleep, hung over and faking happiness…Mae’s brithday arrived…Yippee….

And then the whirlwind occured…or was it a cyclone or tornado…Jess, Wade ( Mae’s Dad) and I cleaned, vacuumed, iced cakes, moved bbqs, took phone calls, dressed the birthday princess….

And before you could say ‘ Happy Birthday Mae’…there were people in the house saying ‘ Happy Birthday Mae’

Lets get this party started….and we did…Food for 1000’s appeared from out of no where…cold chicken, salads galore, lasagna, spring rolls and party pies….Kids hit sugar high, my hang over got slightly worse yet all was good.

Mae simply shinned…The party was all about her…Camera’s captured her everymove…She was the Kate Middleton of Berkeley…and she loved every minute of it!!

Her fans included Pete and his wife Hayley ( who is one lucky lady, having captured this man’s heart at a concert back in the late 90’s…a concert I too attended…Yep, missed that boat long ago!!)…family and friends galore, good grief, my own Mother even gate crashed the event..It seemed everyone wanted to be part of Ms Mae’s special day.

And rightly so….this is one special lady, who has parents and endless friends and family who love her to the moon and back.

Happy 1st Birthday Mae.

CUWAM: Death of my childhood idol, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Aug 9th, 1963 - Feb 11th, 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston

I was a big fan of yours when I was 9 years old. You were the first artist I ever owned on cassette..Your rocked my world, your voice was sublime…I wanted to be you, sing like you, look like you…You were cool, I was not.

I listened to your debut album ‘ Whitney Houston’, and your follow up, ‘ Whitney’ on high rotation….Pressing rewind on the tape recorder to hear your hit ‘ I Wanna Dance with Somebody ( who loves me)’ which took an ETERNITY…Fast forwarding and rewinding to get to the chorus was VERY hard….Oh so hit and miss….but because I loved you I did it with commitment, over and over again.

And then there was the great open air concerts featuring your music in my street, when my neighbours would play you on their record player ( yes, record player)…Your voice would command my attention as ‘  Greatest Love of All’ and ‘ Saving all my love for You’ reverberated of the Illawarra escarpment, through my window and into my bedroom…

The times spent alone in my bedroom with my two most treasured cassettes, singing along at the top of my lungs to ‘ Where do broken hearts go’ , emerging hours later from my ‘ recording studio’, being greeted by my Mother, suggesting that I take singing lessons for I seemed to enjoy these ‘jamming sessions’ so much….But my voice was never going to tamed like yours..It was beyond help, only sounded good for I had the tape played up so loud that is drowned out my vocal chords.

Whitney, you were a childhood idol of mine…In 2009 I brought you greatest hits on cd player…I moved into the 21st century ( well kind of) , replacing my cassettes with something slightly more  modern…

You provided my childhood with a wonderful soundtrack….Your beautiful voice and music will stay with me forever and for that I say thank you

CUWAM: Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical Theatre

Love Never Dies : Melbourne

Love Never Dies…I have followed the show from Melbourne to Sydney…The Phantom of the Opera =sequel…Whats not to LOVE??

On Wednesday the 8th of February, 33 people from my work place ascended on the Capital Theatre, Haymarket, Sydney to see former colleague and customer service extraordinaire, Mr Ben Lewis play the leading role aka The Phantom in the Andrew Lloyd Weber‘s new musical.

Ben stole the show, his voice soared above all others, it commanded your full attention…he was mesmorising.

Do yourself a favour, and if you get the change to see ‘ Love Never Dies’, do it…it is worth it for Ben’s voice alone.

After the show was over, 33 people from my workplace patiently waited at the stage door exit for our Phantom to appear.

Ben, ever so humble, greeted us all with hugs, smiles and much laughter. Our attempts to woo his back to his former place of employment clearly failed. I had printed off the current job vacancy list for the University, duty statements galore, and handed over a bag full of promotional material, pens, Sydney University  Koala Bears, stickers, even a Sydney University mouse pad…but the Phantom seems destined for bigger things…Next stop ‘ maybe London’….Why not the customer service counter of the University of Sydney exchange office I ask??

And two days later, the office is still on a high, there is much talk, the occasional spontaneous sing along…all Phantom based of course…

A nice way to add a bit of spice to the week of office administraion…Love Never Dies….and our office’s love for Mr Lewis seems to be as strong as ever after Wednesday nights show.

Love Never Dies is on at the Capital Theatre, Haymarket Sydney until the 1st of April, 2012

For ticket bookings click on the following link: Ticketmaster

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Write on Wednesday: Possessing Beauty

The Write on Wednesday Spark:  Possessing Beauty
Write about a collection. Write about something you or ,someone you know, collects. Think about the “why” behind the collection – why is it important to collect this particular thing? How does it make the person feel to add another piece to their collection? Is the group of objects there to be seen, to be studied or simply kept together? Write a real life story or a piece of fiction. Wherever the prompt takes you…Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh, and enjoy!


Coral sat in her sunroom and waited. It was Saturday, and any moment now the doorbell would ring, and before she would have to the chance to ask who it was, Joseph, her Grandson would bound through the front door.

Coral loved the weekends, and the opportunity it provided for regular catch ups with her favourite grandson .However, at 83 years of age, if she was honest, she  had learnt to love each and every day, she felt very lucky to still have her mobility, good friends, family and her cat, Ralph.

There was the knock, followed by the sound of the fly screen door opening

‘ I’m here Nan!’

‘ I was just thinking about you’ , she said, as the patter of feet made their way towards her.

With her arms outstretched, Joseph soon found himself wrapped up in the traditional ‘Nan Hug’, the type that threatened to cut off circulation, the type that was hard to escape from…

‘You’ve had a hair cut Joe?’

Corals grip had loosened, and her hands were now examining the length of his blond curly mane.

‘ You’re the first to notice Nan, couple of inches taken off yesterday’

She smiled. It has been 5 years since she lost sight in both eyes, the doctors had a term for her conditions, Macular degeneration, a slow onset condition that had resulted in a complete loss of sight. But the passing of time had enabled her other senses to develop an uncanny ability to do for her what her eyes could no longer.

Joseph had also had to make some adjusts to his Nan’s loss of sight. He had begun to draw her b pictures, colourful pictures of his week, and the activities that took place; the soccer matches, the school excursions, the family holidays to the beach. Each Saturday he brought around one of these drawings and used it as a prompt, a launching pad for a story he would tell.

Coral loved Joe’s picture, they adorned every inch of the sunroom walls. Her own private art collection. The colours came to life in each drawing every time he sat with her, and talked at a million miles an hour about his week.

This week’s picture was  about a visit to a Cathedral in the City….it was awash with colour, reds, blues, greens….

‘Tell me again, Joe…the colours in the stained glass window?’

Coral repositioned herself in the chair… this was a great story this one….Joseph had brought her a rainbow today.

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