CUWAM: Fun in the summer sun

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Wow…the sun finally came out….It shone for two whole days…But has gone away today…But that is ok, it is Monday and a day of work….But I am away from the office till Tuesday, and whilst sunshine is always preferred, just not being at work today is enough to make me smile.

What a ripper of a weekend. Amazing, wonderful, exciting, fun-filled days spent in the great outdoors, with great company, food, drink and beach action.

The working week can get stuffed!! It was, to put it mildly, very average. Office life consumed my days….It felt as though I started to write a work related email on Monday morning at 9am, and was still typing the same correspondence on Friday at 5pm!! But when it was over, I breathed a sigh of relief for a knew that the weekend was to be special.

Don’t get me wrong, there was some light relief from office life…A Yum Cha extravaganza on Tuesday with the Parentals and my Aunt,  two gym sessions at Kings Cross were I sweated out all 9am-5pm tension but the week that was is best summarised by the fact that Flora the cat had to wear a plastic bowl type device around her head!! To prevent her tendency to over licked and over groom a battle wound!!

Yes, the week was very trying, for the cat and for me…..

Saturday morning, I awoke to find Flora, wound healed and ready to enter the world minus her head-piece ( a good start), the sun out and shining, warming up my little house ( very good sign) and a quick glance at my calendar confirming that yes it was the weekend…and yippee…no need to go into the office ( the most awesomest news EVER!!)

I was also super excited for today, I was venturing down the to the South Coast, stopping in at Berry, before reaching my final destination, Callala Bay. Why? Because I had an invite from an old friend, who had recently relocated to this coastal oasis.

Callala Bay is a seaside town I had last visited as a 6-year-old girl with my family. I remember staying in shed type accommodation, on a big block of land, literally opposite the sea. I also remember waking up one morning, my parents horrified that they had forgotten it was my brother’s 2nd Birthday, and dashing to the nearest supermarket to buy him a gift ( I really don’t think he knew what all the commotion was about)

But before I reached Callala on Saturday, it hds been decided that I would meet my friend Colleen in Berry, where we would take a look at the 124th Annual Berry Agricultural Show…..Sydney Royal Easter show, eat your heart out…The Berry Show leaves you in the dust…It was the BEST day out…I saw wood chopping, dagwood dog eating,a  poultry pavillion, prized winning tomatoes and carrots, and a divine array of farmyard animals….The was also a wine and food tasting pravillion…What can I say?….The 124th Annual Berry Show surprised me, wowed and entertained me….I will be penciling this event into my social calender for 2013…Might even enter the Miss Showgirl Pageant for the over 30’s!!

From the show, Colleen and I drove to Callala….my 6 year old memories came flooding back as we took an evening dip at the beach…From the beach we literally put some inclosed shoes on and went for a quick bite to eat at the Callala Bay RSL Club. A perfect day.

Sunday, we hopped in the car and drove to one of my most favourite swimming spots in the world ( you heard it here first!!)…Hyams Beach…Claim to fame: It has the whitest sand in the world.

Hyams Beach….the pictures best tell the story, words do not do the place justice…it is simply paradise.

After swimming and sunning ourselves, we headed up the road for a bite to eat at Hyams Bay General Store….What a way to cap of a  splendid  morning, fresh coffee, fresh salad and frittata and breakfast bruschetta.

Colleen and I ate out lunch and simply smiled….it had been an action packed 24 hours and it had been a lot of fun. As I drove of in the direction of home in the afternoon I knew that it would not be long before I was lured back to this part of the South Coast. Like Colleen, who is privileged to call this part of the world home, this place has been part of my own personal narrative since I was a child, my home away from home, and how lucky I am!

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