Friendship Fire Starter: Words, the written, the said

Words…the written, the said….communication, an integral part of any friendship.

This week words made me smile, laugh out loud, chuckle to myself, words made me think, ponder, and question. The beauty of language, at is simplest and its most complex…I had a week were I was aware of just how important communication is, of its power to inspire to and to change moods….and it was through my friendships that I realised this beauty.

There was the phone texting…..After a wonderful weekend down South, and a Sunday swim at the Hyams Beach, on the outskirts of the Jervis Bay National Park.

Hyams Beach, its claim to fame : It has the whitest sand in the WORLD…Who am I to argue? …It is simply divine, a paradise a mere 3 hours drive South of Sydney.

A day after this delightful beach frolic I received a text from my friend Colleen, who I had been swimming with that day.

‘Hyams Beach was closed at noon yesterday as they spotted 6 sharks near the shore, amongst them a tiger shark’

I could hardly believe it as Colleen and I had finished up our swim at 11.59am that very day, and headed off to the Hyams Beach cafe for an early lunch

‘Lucky! Looks like we escaped an early death’ was my response and to that Colleen replied ‘ We would have died happy’

And I laughed to myself…I would never have expected such a reply…but it could not have been more true…Our Sunday swim was just heavenly….Colleen had a total of 3 swims, I had two….We were like kids again, bobbing up and down in the clear blue sea, not a care in the world.

I smiled as I typed my response ‘ Agreed!’


Then there was an email from an old friend, a lovely guy I meet 10 years ago when I was a backpacker, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This guys first language is not English, but Spanish. I admire anyone who can speak another language for I struggle with just one. The beauty of words was evident in a compliment he gave about my recent venture into the world of writing / blogging.

‘ You surprised me!! Continue!!’

These words sprang out on the computer screen, it read like a dare, a challenge, the words will me on…to keep at it….to write, and write and write.

An English speaker who enjoyed my writing would have said ‘ I really like you work, keep going’ and whilst that sounds nice, for me it does not inspire like the words penned by my friend.  As my 2012 motto is to   ‘Expect the Unexpected’ this is the best of compliments….who knows what is around the corner….but one thing is for sure….I will just continue to document it!!

The beauty and meaning behind the written and the said….Go on, start a conversation with someone you love, someone you know, the stranger sitting next to you on the bus…go on, I dare you!!

And now for a song…Bee Gees : Words


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