CUWAM: A very special birthday- A year in Review

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What a week, the weekend took centre stage…there needs to be no talk on Monday to Friday…I recorded the highlight of the workday week that was earlier than usual…my ‘ Love Never Dies’ post, documenting the wonder that was Ben Lewis aka The Phantom and the new Andrew Lloyd Weber musical….there is nothing more to be said.

The weekend…it was always going to be about the weekend. For it was on the weekend, that my mini best friend, Ms Mae, was celebrating very special milestone…the little ladies 1st birthday.

It is at this point that I will also state, that as it was a very social weekend, I took the liberty of circulating my blog’s ‘business cards’ / or as I prefer to call them ‘ friendship cards’ ( sounds less like I am trying to flog a product or increase my blog stats!!) And it is at this point that I will also admit to the fact that this entry will slightly pander to the egos of those who received these friendship cards…I hope to lure them into my writing web by name dropping and referencing how awesome they are…..So here goes….

Saturday was all about the build up to the main event, like a foot ball grand final or the America Superbowl, there was lots of pre match entertainment to partake in.

I was lucky enough to secure a hair appointment at my favourite South Coast hair dressing salon, D’Luxe Hair and Beauty. This salon always makes me feel like a million dollars, and the fact that I was using a gift voucher given to me at Christmas time for the hair colour and cut, made me feel even richer!! Thank you Casey, Tennelle and your wonderful team for the hair make over….I love it.

After lunch and a side of  shopping in Shellharbour, I ascended, cake tins. food colouring and present in tow, on Ms Mae family home…and got ready to get this party started…some 24 hours before the first guest was to arrive.

What can be said when a year passes, and in the blinking of an eye, you look up, and the little girl who was welcomed into the world 363 days earlier, has now found her feet, her voice, her personality, her smile?

The answer, not much.

Birthdays bring about a time to reflect, to look back and marvel, admire and be thankful….Ms Mae has come along way and she has brought so much joy and happiness who have shared this journey….A little lady who is impossibly cute, smily and cuddly….Check out her slide show, her year in review….A beg you to differ!

Saturday night, a pre-party dinner with held. In attendance was Jess ( Mae’s Mum) and her sister Hannah, with her three children in tow  and  husband Dave. Mae’s  Grandma, Gran Re,  was also in town for the festivities….having driven a mere 12 hours to herald in the special occasion. Over Chinese takeaway, we laughed, children cried ( happy tears) and then self-professed nerd Dave left for the premiere of Star Wars in 3D or something!?

The same evening, a birthday cake was made, presents opened, children were wrapped up in blankets and placed in bed, adults drank ( too much), and by midnight a you-tube disco had broken out in the lounge room …It was…to put it mildly…ALL HAPPENING!!

After a few hours sleep, hung over and faking happiness…Mae’s brithday arrived…Yippee….

And then the whirlwind occured…or was it a cyclone or tornado…Jess, Wade ( Mae’s Dad) and I cleaned, vacuumed, iced cakes, moved bbqs, took phone calls, dressed the birthday princess….

And before you could say ‘ Happy Birthday Mae’…there were people in the house saying ‘ Happy Birthday Mae’

Lets get this party started….and we did…Food for 1000’s appeared from out of no where…cold chicken, salads galore, lasagna, spring rolls and party pies….Kids hit sugar high, my hang over got slightly worse yet all was good.

Mae simply shinned…The party was all about her…Camera’s captured her everymove…She was the Kate Middleton of Berkeley…and she loved every minute of it!!

Her fans included Pete and his wife Hayley ( who is one lucky lady, having captured this man’s heart at a concert back in the late 90’s…a concert I too attended…Yep, missed that boat long ago!!)…family and friends galore, good grief, my own Mother even gate crashed the event..It seemed everyone wanted to be part of Ms Mae’s special day.

And rightly so….this is one special lady, who has parents and endless friends and family who love her to the moon and back.

Happy 1st Birthday Mae.

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  1. Peter Salzone
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 09:02:19

    Good evening ms Boyle,
    Pete here, very impressive a good read with some good humour for myself and the wife as we introduced ourselves to your blog, recieved our calling card or buisness card and looked you up… Cant type to save myself so this takes a while one button at a time.. some very cute photos and enjoyment to read… C u soon


    • Catch Up With A Mate
      Feb 13, 2012 @ 22:10:36

      Honoured that you took a look Pete and typed a comment!! The calling card/ business card…Lets say it is a friendship card ( sounds less desparate!!) Hope to see you again…Hopefully on the snow slopes in August ( fingers crossed)


  2. richard bremner
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 07:15:01

    All new to me BLOGGING !! Sounds a great way to share ones lives ups and downs, your ventures around “Darlo” and the city of Sydney.M’s Mae’s 1st birthday party what can i say……….great day nice to see everyone kids and family all enjoying themselves. Mae might become RADIO ACTIVE if she has more photos taken, but we can’t help it we are NANNY AND POPPY!!!!!! Jess and Wade thanks for the day. See you all at the terrible twosssss. !!!!!! x x


    • Catch Up With A Mate
      Feb 15, 2012 @ 22:14:03

      Lovely that you took time out to read…My parents are also new to the concept of writing down the trials and tribulations of life online!! The weekend with you, Mae and all her fans was priceless…Loved every minute!!


  3. Naomi Greene
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 05:01:30

    Disappointed that we missed Missy Mae Mae’s huge big 1st birthday bash! With a 1st Birthday as action packed as this one, we her family and friends have alot to live up to in her many birthdays to come!
    I Love this, I will be sure to follow your blog!


  4. Lisa Kelly
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 07:16:44

    Love this blog, Jess and Mae look very happy! xx


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