CUWAM: Death of my childhood idol, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Aug 9th, 1963 - Feb 11th, 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston

I was a big fan of yours when I was 9 years old. You were the first artist I ever owned on cassette..Your rocked my world, your voice was sublime…I wanted to be you, sing like you, look like you…You were cool, I was not.

I listened to your debut album ‘ Whitney Houston’, and your follow up, ‘ Whitney’ on high rotation….Pressing rewind on the tape recorder to hear your hit ‘ I Wanna Dance with Somebody ( who loves me)’ which took an ETERNITY…Fast forwarding and rewinding to get to the chorus was VERY hard….Oh so hit and miss….but because I loved you I did it with commitment, over and over again.

And then there was the great open air concerts featuring your music in my street, when my neighbours would play you on their record player ( yes, record player)…Your voice would command my attention as ‘  Greatest Love of All’ and ‘ Saving all my love for You’ reverberated of the Illawarra escarpment, through my window and into my bedroom…

The times spent alone in my bedroom with my two most treasured cassettes, singing along at the top of my lungs to ‘ Where do broken hearts go’ , emerging hours later from my ‘ recording studio’, being greeted by my Mother, suggesting that I take singing lessons for I seemed to enjoy these ‘jamming sessions’ so much….But my voice was never going to tamed like yours..It was beyond help, only sounded good for I had the tape played up so loud that is drowned out my vocal chords.

Whitney, you were a childhood idol of mine…In 2009 I brought you greatest hits on cd player…I moved into the 21st century ( well kind of) , replacing my cassettes with something slightly more  modern…

You provided my childhood with a wonderful soundtrack….Your beautiful voice and music will stay with me forever and for that I say thank you

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