CUWAM- Joining the Joyride

It seemed quiet fitting that week that saw one of my childhood hero’s buried, that I would see one of my teenage hero’s perform live ( that sounds rather horrible but it is what happened!)

Roxette live in concert…in the year 2012….Never in my wildest dreams would I have been bold enough to predict such a musical comeback….But I am oh so happy that this Swedish duo decided to return to Australia after a 17 year absence.

In a concert filled with songs, described by Sydney Morning Herald reviewer as having ‘ a high cheese content, I was treated to music from a band described in the same article as being ‘responsible for some of the worst crimes in the field of pop music since the mid-’80’s’….But I beg to differ….

Ok the cheese factor was high, extremely high, Per and Marie sing with astonishing conviction in the classic hit ‘ Joyride’ ….’ And we are all magic friends…C’mon join the joyride’….and in the songĀ  Dangerous ‘ Your hiding under a halo, your mouth is alive’….Lyrical GOLD, songs like this would not be written in this day and age.

Cheese aside, my friends and I danced, laughed and sang along at the top of our lungs..belting out the hits ‘ Must have been Love’ , The Look’ and everything in between…We were treated to new hits, a favourite line from a new song which’s title escapes me ‘ I have been in love with your hair-do for a week’….Pure cheese, pure gold, pure light-hearted fun….We left our 2012 worries behind and partied 1980’s style…..

In a week were you get to see your Swedish Idols perform live, little can be written to top such a moment. Yes the band had aged, Marie had suffered and beaten brain cancer…. her movements were not as carefree as they once were….and Per’s looked gaunt, his face had aged…But their performance was heartfelt and you could tell that both band members truly wanted to be on stage that evening…Their voices and love of music has stood the test of time, and I felt lucky to be in the audience that evening…a guilty trip down nostalgia lane….a ‘joyride’ that I did not want to end!!

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The rest of the week was spent listening to Whitney Houston’s many hits on high rotation….I listened to her stunning voice whilst i did data entry at work, I listened as I drove around the city in my little car, I listened at home on my stereo ( and was saddened to learn that my cassette playing had, like Whitney, passed on… it no was no longer working, and my Whitney cassette collection redundant….more reasons to be sad…)

I completed a few gym work outs, I dined with friends at inner city pubs, mexican restaurants and japanese sushi houses. I tried burnt caramel ice cream ( never again) , a fresh jalapeno pepper and drove down a one way street in the suburb of Double Bay ( there was a sign that said no entry, one way traffic only) that I seemed to ignore…Lucky I was going at snail pace and an elderly man wound down his window, and ever so politely pointed out my mistake…Humanity at its finest, crisis averted, I reversed some many mitres, reversed myself all the way into a car park, locked the car, and proceeded to go grocery shopping!!

The weekend also presented fine weather…on both days….I swam at Bondi Beach on Sunday at lunch time, and took an early evening dip at Neilson Park, Vacluse….Heaven….I then slept through what was described as a ‘wild night’ in Sydney, with flash flooding in the Eastern Suburbs ( where I live), power lines and trees down, 12 people rescued from cars….Pure carnage…Yet I slept through it all, only noticing the destruction early this morning, for my inside my flat, a mini flood had occurred in the hallway…How had Flora the cat had not drowned in the storm water?…But it was nothing that a mop and a few towels could not fix!!

Ah, on looking back on the last 7 days, it brings a smile, it was a damn fine week….Please sir, Can I have some more?

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