Friendship Fire Starter: Common Interests- Travel

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Nothing helps unites two people better than common interests ( CI’s) , hobbies, likes and loves.

I LOVE to travel, and it has been on my many solo trips, local, domestic and abroad, that I have met truly inspiring and creative individuals…People who have become part of my patchwork quilt of friendship that spans to globe.

Sometimes I have been lucky enough to travel with a companion…someone to take on the sites, sounds and experiences in places like Indonesia, Tropical North Queensland, Europe and Asia. Travelling with friends puts the very foundation of that relationships to the test….And I am a firm believer if you can travel together, through the good, the bad and the plain ugly..then lifelong friendship is almost a guarantee….

This will be the first of many friendship fire starts devoted to the topic of travel…It would be impossible to document the importance of one of life’s many luxuries in few hundred words, a single post…Travel has been part of my story since I was 2 …My parents took me abroad…to Toronto, Canada were we lived as a family for one year.

Aged 5 I started school on the NSW South Coast and drew pictures and wrote stories about growing up and moving back to a land where you could build snowman….I constantly looked at the holiday snaps from our time abroad…Me in a stroller being pushed around Paris, my desire to bear hugs all stray cats in rural France, sitting in open fields in the UK, picnicking with my parents….Yes, a love of travel was instilled in me at a young, very young age.

I left home at age 22 for the UK…no set plans… backpack, a  right of passage for so many young Aussies…Though my parents did not really want me to go…It was there fault…At age 2 they had introduced to the concept…Now I was going to fly the nest!!

I took with me a friend ( of the lifelong variety) and another joined us 6 months later….It was to be both the best and worst of experiences…All wrapped up into one…a period of my life which really shaped who I am today…A period of time were I could be whoever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to be….and I collected like-minded people along the way….the patch work of quilt friendship grew and grew.

I want to make reference here to a person I collected in Geneva,Switzerland or was it Nice / Paris?…I really can’t remember…the effect of this whirl wind character truly knocked me off my feet. This person’s energy, sense of humour, ability to live life to the fullest ( and then some) was contagious….Where ever it was we met….it does not matter……I was hooked, in it for the long haul, through thick and thin and all that….I had meet a ‘kindred spirit’…and the rest as they say is history.

Lauren, the adventure was have shared…I do hope to recall some, if not all of them in CUWAM….but I am tired today….and don’t have to strength to start the tale and then have to defend my writing…for I am sure to receive comments such as-‘ That can’t be true, a bar roof collapsing on the two of you beach side in Lagos?’, ‘ You did not sleep on concrete floors and receive sympathy gifts of sunglasses and boxer shorts?’  ‘ It could not be true that one of you was paralysed, hospitalised, visually impaired…presenting more heath problems than a House episode ?”

But they are true..all of them, and more…many, many more…The tales of Kate and Lauren, at home and abroad…Do I dare to tell them?? Yes I do!!

And I will…but not today…But for a bit of kick start…Look back at the 2001 slide show…images that really should never have been made public…Taken at a time when digital cameras were not even a ‘invented’..WOW!! A time when I was 20 kilos heavier…yes, I said it was the best and worst two years of my life..

But travel…solo or with the company of others…a sure fire way to kick-start any relationship.

To be continued…..

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