Daniel Kitson

Daniel Kitson– The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

A Monday night, 9pm in an industrial part of the inner west Sydney…a large group gathers…people stand in a make shift outdoor bar, sipping on wine in plastic cups and beer from glass bottles.

Winter has set in….Heaters warm patrons who are eager to get inside the venue, eager to see the bearded man himself, UK stand up comic, Mr Daniel Kitson….we wait in the cold…collectively we know, as we struggle to keep warm, it will be worth it.

For an evening with this comedy genius is guaranteed to transport you far from the hum drum of daily existence,  it is like taking a one way ticket on the ‘ giggle express’….a ride you never really want to get off once you fasten your seatbelt.

Upon entering the theatre, it soon becomes clear that this show is to going to be different….For starters, when Kitson appears, the beard, the famous beard, is  GONE, so to the unruly hair-do….Standing before us is a bald man, with a bit smattering of chin fluff….

The audience attempts to adjusts to this change, turning to their partners to state the obvious ‘ The BEARD is gone?!’…. repositioning themselves in their chair, in the hope is will reveal the old Kitson?, the bearded one, the man who appeared old before his time, in a cardigan and black rimmed glasses.

A change in seating position fails to alter the appearance of the man on stage….the glasses remain but the cardigan and head / face hair are gone…And before is a  liberated Kitson…someone  who appears more at ease, lighter, yet more irreverent, philosophical, whity, charming…

A night with Daniel … like a night with modern-day philosopher Alain De Botton…but with humour in a quantity that should not be legal.

I was introduced to Daniel Kitson’s comedy by a good friend…’ You must check out this comedian…he is funny’…

Heartened to hear that a person employed to make people chuckle delivered the goods, I brought tickets to his 2008 show ‘The Impotent Fury Of The Privileged’, again when he visited Australia in 2010 with his show ‘66a Church Road – A Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases’ , followed by front row seats for his 2011 show ‘The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church’….yes, some might say I jumped on the Daniel Kitson bandwagon.

I think of Daniel Kitson as a wordsmith, a modern day philosopher and story teller, who uses words to make sense of the everyday, the extraordinary, the mundane, the surreal,  the troublesome, the downright depressing…

Kitson comedy is fast, his words and thoughts pour forth at a frenetic pace,  once abroad the Kitson giggle train, seat belts are recommended. His observations, his pondering, his thoughts are cleverly crafted, the tales he tell all have a point, he starts what he finishes…An the audience laughs every step of the way.

He present the fragility of life, human failings and fumbling,  triumphs and joys  with such clarity and  wit… ….His show comprises of comedy presented with care, attention to detail, compassion and humility…and this provides the  audience to a range of comedic experiences …Kitson’s act encourages laughter, cackling, chuckling, gasping, bewilderment, brief moments for thoughtful respite, followed once more by laughter.

If you find Daniel Kitson performing at a venue near you, close to you ,miles from where you live…book yourself a ticket…board the giggle train to a world where clever ponderings and well crafted stories will entertain and delight…indulge in a night of comedy where a new perspective on the everyday, the ordinary will be unleashed…at speed!!

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