CUWAM- Sunrise,Sunset

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. Henry Ward Beecher

Common things : the rise and fall each day of the biggest star in our solar system : the sun.

Sydney has not seen much of this perfectly spehrical ball of plasma over the past few months…Our summer was one of grey skys, thunder storms and flash flooding…So when the evening news confirmed that Sydney was in for a treat, that our favourite star would shine brightly for the next week, bestyowing upon  our city and its inhabitants warm sunbeans and light rays….a celebratory blog post was called for.

It called for commitment on my behalf…to rise out of bed at 6am…to catch the sunrise at Clovelly Beach  at 6.24am…and then to walk the city streets, camera in hand,  taking photographs of the cityscape as the sun bid Sydney adieu…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Words don’t always come easy, they have limitations when conveying the true beauty of a subject…Photos too have drawbacks…

My advice…get out their and experience this daily phenomena for yourself…Rise early or step outside one evening and watch the sun part ways with the day, and when you do so, hum this little tune to yourself!!

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