CUWAM- Living for the city

Last week was a week where I fell in love with Stevie Wonder’s song ‘ Living for the City’…

I listened to this song on high rotation at work…over and over to the powerful lyrics, a tale of hardship, will power and sheer determination….Lyrics just as relevant today as when they were first recorded in 1973.

My life in the city of Sydney, so very different to the life of the people Mr Wonder sings about…the song reminded me last week of just how lucky I am.

My mood was light….I laughed on Monday night, as UK comedian entertained a full house at the Marrickville Factory Theatre, a dined with the parentals on Tuesday night in Randwick, watched the Australian film ‘ Wish you where here’ with buddy JK in Paddington on Wednesday, watched the sun rise at Clovelly Beach and set in Sydney city on Thursday….and one the fifth work day…I rested.

The weekend was just as fun….I drove 2.5 hours south of the city for a supreme hair make-over by my future sister-in-law ( only 1 month to Wollongong’s wedding of the YEAR!!). Walking out of D’Luxe hairdressing salon Shellharbour, feeling a million dollars, I took myself  to North Gong beach for fish and chips, made a few phone calls and hit the jack pot, securing a catch up with my lovely mate Kate. Over coffee we chatted about life, the biggest looser and hair cuts….

On Sunday I spent my morning with Flora the cat, then drove to a quiet street in Sydney’s inner west for a brunch date with two friends and a baby boy. The street in Annandale might have been a quiet tree-lined street, but the cafe we were to dine at was packed, and rightly so. We waited for close to an hour for a table, which allowed us to catch up, the soak up the sun and play and gush over the cuteness of our smallest brunch guest. When a table became available, we were seated and quickly attended too…coffees, followed by corn fritters and smoked trout, old school style cheese burgers, fresh juice..the food and beverages flowed…so did the laughter and conversation.

I would urge those who appreciate good cafe food and coffee to check out Revolver Cafe in Annadale…and suggest you leave room to sample some of their home-made cakes and buscuits…the vanilla slice with passionfruit icing was extremely hard to resist!

Revolver Cafe Annandale

After we parted ways, I took to the streets once more, heading this time to Stanmore, for another catch up with a friend who has just purchased a new home. It felt very grown up to be shown around a 3 bedroom home, complete with two dogs!! After a quick viewing, Steph and I headed to the Marrickville organic markets….which truely does feel like a little bit of Nimbin (the hippy haven located in the Northern Rivers region in NSW) in the inner city. Steph and I brought fresh produce from the tye-dye wearing and the dread locked…and when we left the  free-spirited market, pan flute music and the sweet smell of incense bid us adieu …

A lovely week in the city of Sydney…I truely am a lucky girl.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Stephen Boyle
    May 09, 2012 @ 08:48:58

    What a great week!! Beautifully crafted!


  2. Sandra Stephen Boyle
    May 09, 2012 @ 21:17:50

    Enjoyed your potpourri of Sydney life and glad to be a small part of it


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