CUWAM: Happy 1st Birthday to You

CUWAM turns one today…

As I believe this blog site is based on the US time zone I still have time to wish my site a Happy 1st Birthday.

The reality in Australia, where I reside, of wishing CUWAM a Happy 1st Birthday on the anniversary of its conception is no longer a possibility….It is the 16th of May….So Happy 1st plus one day Birthday.

As I reflect on the year and one day that have passed, I remember a sense of fear and trepidation coming over me as I propelled myself into the world of blogging…from logging onto the WordPress site, choosing a blog design, submitting my personal details and then watching my idea take online form….

It was overwhelmingly scary…Could I commit to the idea of writing in an online forum for other people, strangers even, to read? Was I ready to write honest accounts of the everyday? Was my very existence worth writing about? Was it interesting enough, entertaining enough for someone to put time aside in their busy lives, to sit down and read about it?

In order to move forward, I pushed all big questions aside, submitted by idea to the WordPress site….and the blog was born!!

In the beginning perhaps I was not honest enough to be engaging, skilled enough to convey how I felt, what I experienced on a day to day basis , preoccupied with numbers of people who viewed my blog site….

But looking over the past one year and one day I can see I have come a long way, and am enternally thankful for the readers who have come along for the ride!! And perhaps  most importantly, one year and one day to blogs conception,  I still get joy from writing.

So heres to another year of CUWAM posts, to readers past and present, please join me for another year of blog posts about the trials and tribulations that only true friendship brings, suggestions on how to reconnect with people in your lives, and how to enrich the day to day with common place things like a cup of tea, home-made cake or conversation.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Stephen Boyle
    May 16, 2012 @ 09:49:23

    Congratulations! What a milestone! A real achievement!


  2. Mixed Gems
    May 21, 2012 @ 14:47:54

    Happy Blogiversary to you! Keep writing. I look forward to reading.


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