Sweet Treats: Chocolate Spiders

Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.

On Tuesday night I caught up with a mate ( it is what I do best!!)

Mel and I met at The Spot in Randwick, for a quick bite to eat and to watch ‘ Dark Shadows’, the new Johnny Depp / Tim Burton film collaboration.

Many words, many posts indeed could be devoted to the actor Johnny Depp….for he is someone I have longed admired…but this is not THAT post…

After pizza and wine, we queued in the line for the ‘ candy bar’ at the Cinema….neither of us capable of fitting another morsel of food in..but when one goes to the cinema…one must buy candy!!

Umming over what to purchase…a Kit Kat?  Mars Bar? Toblerone?

Uninspired by the usual choices….something caught our attention is a small display cabinet next to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cabinet….

Home-made  chocolate spiders.

Chang's Chocolate Spiders

Chang’s Chocolate Spiders

‘ Chocolate Spiders?’ queried Mel ‘ What are they?’

Looking puzzled, Mel could only presume that because she had grown up in Western Australia, the Chocolate Spider recipe had been not  embraced with the same gusto as in the East Coast.

Astounded that my friend had never eaten a Chocolate spider, I took on an advisory role, reverting back to my childhood years when, as an amateur master chef, I would melt milk chocolate over low heat,  add a 2 tablespoon of peanut butter and mix in a bag of Chang’s Original Fried Noodles.

My chef hat would remain on whilst I heaped spoonfuls of the mixture onto a lined baking tray and pop into the refrigerator.

Chocolate Spiders….a crunchy, chocolate and peanut butter treat…

Mel and I made our decision there and then,  we parted with a $5.00 note and carefully cradled the sweets as we walked into the cinema.

When Mel experienced a  Chocolate Spiders for the first time, I swear I saw a single tear roll down her check…a single tear for all the chocolate spiders she missed out on during her childhood.

So it would only seem fair to share the Chocolate Spider recipe….so as to prevent another person, child or adult, being denied this delightful sweet treat….

After all, it is in the spirit of this blog, to share that which brings joy, not only to oneself, but to those you hold dear…

Click here for recipe :

Chang’s Chocolate Spiders

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  2. Mrs. Park
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:29:49

    I’d love to make these, but the link to the recipe does not work


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