Mum’s home-made muesli

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A few months back I was having a post work whinge over a cup of coffee whilst visiting my Mum and Dad in their South Coast home.

On and on I ranted…having survived another week of office warfare all I wanted was some understanding, for someone to say ‘ What a horrible week…I understand your frustration and disappointment’

Instead, as I finally stopped to draw breath,  my Mum uttered the following words, with the tone of voice every parent calls on from time to time

‘ Aren’t you eating breakfast?’

In an instant my anger and frustration just grew 10 fold!!

Looking back on that discussion…and Mum’s classic summation of my whinge…I can’t help but think that perhaps she was right….

For indeed, on that fateful day , I had forgone breakfast….And if I am honest, more often than not since that day I have eaten a single piece of toast on the run, relied on a large coffee to provide me with all my breakfast nutritional needs…

As days have turned to weeks, weeks into months, my morning energy levels have dwindled….and over and over in my ears rings I can  hear my Mother’s concern ‘ Aren’t you eating breakfast?’

On the weekend  I came to terms with the fact that I could no longer ignore my Mother’s pleas….I shopped up a storm, dusted off an old recipe book  and took the time to make her ‘Famous’ home-made muesli.

As I child, and teenager, young adult, it was my breakfast cereal of choice. It was its simplicity that won me over…no sugar, all natural grains and oats which I would spruce up with the all essential chopped dried apricots and cold milk.

Home-made muesli with dried apricots and cranberries

Home-made muesli with dried apricots and cranberries

When I first left home to live in the UK for 2 years in 2001, it was the first recipe request that I had Mum write into my travel journal….And it is this travel journal which I turned to on the weekend, turned to the well worn page and got to work.

It felt ‘just right’ to set aside time to eat breakfast this morning. Sitting down at my breakfast table to a bowl of childhood memories, complete with chopped apricots.

Lesson learnt….Mum knows best.

S.M.Boyle’s Famous Home-Made Muesli- Guaranteed breakfast happiness

1 packet ( 750g) rolled oats

1 packet ( 100g) sunflowers

½ ( 75g) packet sesame seeds

1 packet ( 100g) of slivered almonds

½ cup coconut

½ cup of bran OR oat bran

½ cup wheat germ

Bake in large tray in very slow oven 90 Celsius for ¾ hour – 1 hour. Turn oven off and leave until cool.

Serve with array of chopped dried fruit and milk

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