Day 6 : Catch up with a Mate Month 2012

It is day Six of the 2nd annual Catch up with a Mate month…when I go out of my way to catch up with friends and family, make and a special effort to reconnect with those I hold dear.

So far so good….The 2012 launch party at the Hollywood Hotel, Surry Hills , Sydney was lots of fun. The concept of inviting 10 guests, who in turn would bring along a friend they longed to catch up with was a good one( in theory I thought!!)…BUT in practice….it FAILED.

A total of 3 on the invite list turned up….and only one guest brought a friend, three friend actually, who had they caught up with the night before.

Yet despite attendee numbers being down…my small party embraced the night with gusto…drinks flowed, tasty food was consumed and most importantly honest conversation and lots of laughter continued until the midnight hour.

In the days following the launch, their have been coffee dates and a yoga session, a 30th Birthday party, Yum Cha lunches and a Thai dinner with friends, a phone conversation with a friend I have seen in many months…

I have also spent a time alone, with Flora the cat by my side. Often during that time feelings of loneliness have surfaced, not of the fleeting variety…the ones that hang about….Which in turn has spurred me to act….I vow to no longer ignore such feelings….Catch up with a Mate month 2012 will inspire me to be the change I seek….

I look toward the weekend with joyful anticipation…the impending nuptials between my little brother and his beautiful bride to be.

I am busily preparing myself for the celebration, my gift is slowly coming together, I have got the outfit under control, the hair and make-up appointment booked in, the Friday pedicure / manicure treatment, I’ve written the reading I’m to give at the service and sent it through to the celebrant….It has, to say the least, been quite an involved process….but of the enjoyable kind!!

Come the wedding on Sunday, I can sit back and enjoy, soak up the love and good vibes ..Oh, and laugh and giggle at the wedding dance…Fingers crossed they choose to sway about to the Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan  classic…’Especially for you’!!

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