Dance like no one is watching

On Sunday the 17th of June, my friend Kate and I attended a dance class at the Sydney Dance Company : ‘ Hip Hop for Beginners’

Do something that scares you’, was a remark made over Friday night drinks

Dance does not scare me…it challenges me…challenges me to let go, be in the moment, be present, in the here and now…

Sunday came around, and Kate and I  entered studio 4, ready to get our crump on.

I took to the warm up routine with ease, stretches similar to those of a yoga class…but as dance steps, arm movements…and music were slowly introduced…I realised that

‘ Remedial Hip Hop’ would have suited me better!!

As the class progressed, I tried to loosen up, not to indulge in thoughts that were ever-present   ‘ I can’t , I can’t’ ….’ You look foolish’ …’ Everyone else has their groove on EXCEPT you’

It was an inner battle, that presented itself on the dance floor….misplaced footing, restricted movement…the more I tried, the worse it got….


If I was the kind of person to take it on face value alone…FUN would be the ONE thing I took from the class.

The joy of movement, of sharing an experience with a great friend, carefree laughter, shared frustration

But I took much away much more than that… ….Insight….that I too often restrict my experience, listening to an inner mantra of ‘ I can’t’

Looking back on my Sunday…when I stepped outside my  comfort zone, I remember with a smile a fleeting moment as I stared into the mirror of the dance studio,  let all thoughts evaporate and permitted myself the luxury of dancing like no one was watching for 5 seconds….

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa Kelly
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 09:47:14

    Wow super proud of you…I would scared to go and make a fool of myself, kudos for you girls for putting yourselves out there! xx


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