The Taste of Childhood

Wednesday night tv got me thinking….What were the tastes of my childhood?

The show, Myf Warhurst’s new doco titled ‘ NICE’  celebrated just that… not the fantastic or the life changing…but the nice… things that had a presence in your life story, played a small role, and to this day continue to bring a smile.

In the short, the show was about  simple foods that prompt childhood memories. The show focused largely around items sold in local milk bars and fish and chips shops, and the two food types that evoked the strongest memories were the chicko roll and deep fried dim sum.

Chiko Roll-is an Australian savoury snack, inspired by the chinese egg roll and spring roll. It was designed to be easily eaten on the move without a plate or cutlery. The Chiko roll consists of beef, celery, cabbage, barley, corn, onion, green beans, and spices in a tube of  egg, flour and dough which is then deep-fried ( Wikipedia)

English: Low quality Hand holding a Chiko roll...

Chicko Roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deep Fried Dim Sum– a  Chinese- inspired meat dumpling-style snack food popular in Australia. The dish normally consists of a large ball of pork or other meat, cabbage and flavourings, encased in a wrapper similar to that of a traditional dumpling.  Usually deep fried ( Wikipedia)

The show explored the phenomena that despite both foods playing an important role in Australia’s  culinary history, they are often overlooked…You won’t find these food types in fine dining establishments, they are cheap to make and cheap to buy…in other words, they aren’t cool.

Myf’s show gave both the humble chiko roll and dim sum is rightful recognition…She celebrated both, interviewing top chefs and food critics, who spoke ever so highly of both foods as being both ingenious and tasty. Her guests gushed as they recalled scrapping together loose change as children, walking to their local fish and chip shop, and indulging in a bag of deep fried goodness.

It prompted me to act…All the joy surrounding the deep friend foods was contagious….Having never tried a deep friend dim sum, with lashing of soy sauce and a sprinkling of salt, the following evening I indulged in a serving of four.

Whilst it was not the taste of my childhood, I grinned from ear to ear from the moment I took my first bite….The crunchy, salty goodness…the calories…the soft pork centre….soy sauce oozing down my chin

The show got me thinking, the taste of my childhood? The first of many things that came to mind…

Tinned Beetroot Sandwiches

My first year at Primary School. I was 5 years old and allowed to order my lunch from the canteen once a week. Don’t ask me how this came about, but somewhere along the line I developed a taste for tinned beetroot sandwiched, on white bread with butter.

I remember one of the canteen ladies explaining to me that they had to make my sandwich as close as possible to the lunch bell ringing, as the tinned beetroot would soak through the white bread, if they made it too early.

And I loved the canteen lady for it,  I NEVER ate a tinned beetroot sandwich that was soggy from beetroot juice.

I do however remember feeling of embarrassment associated with this food type…Perhaps that is an Australian quality ever-present when something is deemed’ daggy’!! I would eat my sandwich quickly, careful not to get any of the content on my face or school uniform…. I did not want to be known as the girl who ate tinned beetroot sandwiches….on our playground only peanut butter and vegemite sandwiches were tolerated.

I don’t know when I stopped eating tinned beetroot sandwiches…the indigestion I got from eating at such fast pace probably began to outweigh the joy I felt on eating the crimson red centred sandwiches..

But to feel like a kid again, perhaps I should have forgone the dim sum meal, cracked open a tin of beets, and put them between two slice of bread!

What is the taste of your childhood?

I’d love to hear which food evokes memories of your childhood…..The good, the bad, the ugly…heaven forbid…. the embarrassing


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