Five Sentence Fiction: Perserverance

Word prompt: Perseverance

Dot looked out at the audience sitting crossed legged before her.

It was Grandparent day, and she had been invited to her grandson’s classroom to give insight into how to live a happy and long life.

It was question time and a rosy-cheeked girl in the front row had asked ‘ Is living to the age of 96 to do with perseverance?’

Dot smiled ‘ Oh know my dear, it is a lot harder than that!’

‘ The secret to living a long and happy life is a mixture of three ingredients….good luck, good genes and most importantly a positive outlook, I live each day to the full, as if it were my last!’

Five Sentence Fiction: Scarlet

Word prompt: Scarlet

As she entered the room she felt the sudden weight of all eyes on her, the long stares….then the whispers started.

She made her way to the back of the hall and took a seat…this was going to be one very long neighbourhood meeting.

‘ It’s as if she lives up there in the clouds, unaware of the damage she had caused that family’

Overhearing this she smiled and bit her tongue, resisting the urge to yell in the direction of those gossiping ‘ You know it takes two to tango! ‘

And yes, she thought to herself, she did live with her head in the clouds, it was far more pleasant than residing in a town where her name had been dragged through the mud.

Johnny Depp is a Gift

Johnny Depp is a gift

And this blog post should now end…You cannot improve on perfection…mere words will fail to capture the beauty, the mystic of Mr Depp

In a week were the sun shone and winter appeared to have taken time off, further brightness was added  by a face book post curtsey of my beautiful friend Rebecca.

Yes, I am a fan of Mr Depp…..have been ever since he appeared in Tim Burton’s ‘ Edward Sissorhands‘…I found him heartbreakingly beautiful in that film, and despite the fact that a hug would have inflicted fatal wounds, I wanted nothing more that to be wrapped up, scissors and all in his arms….

I have followed his career ever since….His numerous collaborations with Burton, most recently in Dark Shadows, and the film he most recently co-produced ‘ The Rum Diaries’…

I read recently that Depp’s career choice to continually play odd balls and outsiders is now too predictable, too safe, too familiar….He has perfected and made his fortune from these roles…Time for something new?

A romantic comedy or period piece?

Personally, I wouldn’t care if Mr Depp co-host National Geographic with David Attenborough and discussed the lifespan of the endangered micro sardine in Sardinia….I would tune it…It would be captivating viewing.

Yes Depp might have fashioned a long acting career around odd ball rolls, but when Scissorhands hit the movie screen’s in the 1990  this piece of cinema was a breath of fresh air….For one, it did not contain Julia Roberts, and secondly, it wasn’t reality based…it was a whimsical fairytale.

At a time when odd ball was neither cool nor particularly profitable….there was Johnny, ghostly pale, scarred face, dressed in a tight leather suit with scissor for hands…

And I loved him for it…

Loose yourself for a minute in the most splendid of scenes from the Edward Scissorhands movie…the music, the passion of Edward to create things of beauty,  the carefree abandon of Kim, Winona Ryders character….

Johnny Depp… very cool, very rich, very handsome….my all time favourite  ‘outsider’

Do you share my love of Johnny Depp? If you do, what is you favourite movie, and why?

Five Sentence Fiction: Composure

She had always admired the framed photo of her Grandmother on the mantel piece.

Her Grandmother, the epitome of the 1950’s women…her hair set in curls, make up that made her eyes sparkle and that captivating smile ,that to this day, continued to lure people in when they laid eyes on the picture.

Her Grandmother had  passed away when she was a little girl, and her Mother had made sure that her memory was not forgotten.

Grandma’s father had been a drunk, and she had gone on to marry a man who loved the drink more than her. She bore him 8 children, set the dinner table for him every night…more often that not, his meals went cold.

And throughout the 37 years of marriage, she always wore a painted smile.

Rueben Hills….pre-work escapism at its very best


Coffee and a view

Coffee and a view

For some weeks, I had eyed off this new business on Albion Street, Surry Hills…it looked other worldly…too cool….Was is a funky new small bar, a night club for the elite?

For sometime all I did was wonder, then my weekly café review came through from the blog ‘ Sydney on Sunday’ ….and I saw the light!

Rueben Hills, Surry Hills…..was…a….cafe….

And I just HAD to go there.

So early one morning, battling the rain and frost, I arrived for breakfast. The review I read stated that weekends at Rueben Hills very busy due to it being a bit of a hot spot…so Tuesday morning, 7.27am suited me just fine.

I got a window seat, and was served a delightful coffee in next to no time. My breakfast choice of Trifle- muesli, berries in orange syrup with honey&orange blossom yoghurt, soon followed.

As I gazed out the window, not a care in the world, I felt I had been transported to another place….. New York City, Melbourne, Berlin….all the fine places I have visited around the world seemed to have converged to a small converted terrace in inner city Sydney.

Rueben Hills has the power to transport people….it is a combination of great interior design, eclectic and attentive wait staff, fine food and coffee and the soulful tunes played on turntables…

Breakfast became an experience….

My pre work attempt to escape the everyday , the ordinary, the ho-hum paid off….I walked with a spring in my step to work that morning for I had started the day in fabulous fashion!

And whilst not every day can be heralded in in the same way…..I think it is very important to treat yourself now and then, when you can….Take the time to ensure that every day has a little bit of ‘extrodinary’ about it.


This post was  inspired something I read  via facebook. I follow the Petrea King Quest for Life facebook page and blog.

Quest for Life featured an article by Rosie Brogan, who writing features on Blackmores, the natural heath care brand, website:

Giving your life meaning ( when sometimes it feels like there is none)

It highlights the importance of doing something new, difference, outside the box to keep life interesting…and for me, Rueben Hills for a pre work mid-week breakfast was just what was needed


And also inspired by the wonderful Sydney on Sunday, my go to blog for recommendations on where to have a yummy cafe experience in Sydney and beyond.

There Rueben Hills Review: Reuben Hills Cafe Review

Five Sentence Fiction : Pirates

My 5 sentence contribution using the word prompt : Pirates

Some-one/ something had hijacked her life.

Every night she had the same re-occurring dream…that she was being forced to walk the plank, sword poking into her back, leaving her with no alternative but to jump overboard.

In the unknown, the abyss

She would wake in fright just at the point were her body was about to hit the ground, sit bolt upright in bed, throwing the sheets aside, heart pounding, heavy breathing, sweating

She would remain awake till daylight, it brought a temporary relief…come nightfall, and with it sleep, the cycle would start all over again.

Beyonce, the Voice and the written word

On the weekend I  attended a conference on blog writing: NaffNang Blogopolis.

It was both informative and inspiring.

It was also overwhelming…leaving me with a sense of urgency…to write better posts, to overhaul the design of my blog, create a better header for my blog, increase the ‘traffic’ flow to my blog…

It is my nature is to rush, to be hasty and bring about change quickly

Not to self: ‘Rome was not built in a day’

Sitting still with a sense of urgency is hard

It has made me realise that whilst design, ‘traffic flow’, graphics and photography are all important elements to any blog, the true joy of my blog writing journey so far is that it has enabled me to find MY VOICE

Since late 2009 I have been making conscious effort to be more engaged, more vocal, more present in this thing called LIFE….The weekend’s conference made me realise that my blog has played a vital role.

For in every post MY VOICE is present.

The conference made me realise just how far I had come.

Let me tell a story….

In October, 2009, I took a 5 week European vacation…

It was a magical time…a much longed for holiday….Time spent in France, Germany, Scotland, with England being my final stop.

I was blissfully unaware, that on my return to Australia, I would hit the ground with a thud. I would come crashing down, feel disconnected from the life I had left behind, disconnected from friends, family and myself.

There is always a period of adjustment after any holiday…it is common to suffer’ post holiday blues’….But this was different.

The feelings I felt were overwhelming, and the more I wished them gone, the more prevalent they became.

Depression set in….all too familiar…but this time I wanted to face it head on….understand it, challenge it, question its presence in my life….For the first time, I wanted to take control.

I had taken myself of the treadmill that is daily life, taken time out, and the result was that when it came home, and was forced to put on my running shoes again, I no longer wanted to  run the same race….

It was during this holiday that I became fixated on the song by Beyonce ‘ Halo’…I listened to it on high rotation because I liked it.

I listen to it today, 3 years later, with a new appreciation and awareness, the girl Beyonce sings about is me, a song about a girl finally ready to acknowledge and accept the power of her voice, for it to have a presence her relationships, her workplace, and perhaps, most importantly, her writing.

Halo (Beyoncé Knowles song)

Halo (Beyoncé)Photo credit:Wikipedia)

Remember those walls I built

Well baby they are tumbling down

They didn’t even put up a fight

They didn’t even make a sound

I found a way to let you in

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I’ve got my angel now

Its like I’ve been awakened

Every rule I had you breaking

It’s the risk that I’m taking

I ain’t never gonna shut you out

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Five Sentence Fiction: Harvest

Word prompt: Harvest

‘ You reap what you sow’  came her Mother’s voice down the phone line, self-righteous and all-knowing

Heather shuddered…Her Mother always had a way of making her feel small.

In the Spring, she had planted two strawberries plants in pots on her inner city verandah, providing her with a grand total of three summer berries.

‘ You reap what you sow’ had been her mother’s cold remark to her disappointment.

Upon hearing that for a second time, Heather had hung up the phone, taken the three berries into her hands and squeezed tight…fruit pulp oozing from her hands and onto her clothes. She was certain it would stain.

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