Rueben Hills….pre-work escapism at its very best


Coffee and a view

Coffee and a view

For some weeks, I had eyed off this new business on Albion Street, Surry Hills…it looked other worldly…too cool….Was is a funky new small bar, a night club for the elite?

For sometime all I did was wonder, then my weekly café review came through from the blog ‘ Sydney on Sunday’ ….and I saw the light!

Rueben Hills, Surry Hills…..was…a….cafe….

And I just HAD to go there.

So early one morning, battling the rain and frost, I arrived for breakfast. The review I read stated that weekends at Rueben Hills very busy due to it being a bit of a hot spot…so Tuesday morning, 7.27am suited me just fine.

I got a window seat, and was served a delightful coffee in next to no time. My breakfast choice of Trifle- muesli, berries in orange syrup with honey&orange blossom yoghurt, soon followed.

As I gazed out the window, not a care in the world, I felt I had been transported to another place….. New York City, Melbourne, Berlin….all the fine places I have visited around the world seemed to have converged to a small converted terrace in inner city Sydney.

Rueben Hills has the power to transport people….it is a combination of great interior design, eclectic and attentive wait staff, fine food and coffee and the soulful tunes played on turntables…

Breakfast became an experience….

My pre work attempt to escape the everyday , the ordinary, the ho-hum paid off….I walked with a spring in my step to work that morning for I had started the day in fabulous fashion!

And whilst not every day can be heralded in in the same way…..I think it is very important to treat yourself now and then, when you can….Take the time to ensure that every day has a little bit of ‘extrodinary’ about it.


This post was  inspired something I read  via facebook. I follow the Petrea King Quest for Life facebook page and blog.

Quest for Life featured an article by Rosie Brogan, who writing features on Blackmores, the natural heath care brand, website:

Giving your life meaning ( when sometimes it feels like there is none)

It highlights the importance of doing something new, difference, outside the box to keep life interesting…and for me, Rueben Hills for a pre work mid-week breakfast was just what was needed


And also inspired by the wonderful Sydney on Sunday, my go to blog for recommendations on where to have a yummy cafe experience in Sydney and beyond.

There Rueben Hills Review: Reuben Hills Cafe Review

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