Johnny Depp is a Gift

Johnny Depp is a gift

And this blog post should now end…You cannot improve on perfection…mere words will fail to capture the beauty, the mystic of Mr Depp

In a week were the sun shone and winter appeared to have taken time off, further brightness was added  by a face book post curtsey of my beautiful friend Rebecca.

Yes, I am a fan of Mr Depp…..have been ever since he appeared in Tim Burton’s ‘ Edward Sissorhands‘…I found him heartbreakingly beautiful in that film, and despite the fact that a hug would have inflicted fatal wounds, I wanted nothing more that to be wrapped up, scissors and all in his arms….

I have followed his career ever since….His numerous collaborations with Burton, most recently in Dark Shadows, and the film he most recently co-produced ‘ The Rum Diaries’…

I read recently that Depp’s career choice to continually play odd balls and outsiders is now too predictable, too safe, too familiar….He has perfected and made his fortune from these roles…Time for something new?

A romantic comedy or period piece?

Personally, I wouldn’t care if Mr Depp co-host National Geographic with David Attenborough and discussed the lifespan of the endangered micro sardine in Sardinia….I would tune it…It would be captivating viewing.

Yes Depp might have fashioned a long acting career around odd ball rolls, but when Scissorhands hit the movie screen’s in the 1990  this piece of cinema was a breath of fresh air….For one, it did not contain Julia Roberts, and secondly, it wasn’t reality based…it was a whimsical fairytale.

At a time when odd ball was neither cool nor particularly profitable….there was Johnny, ghostly pale, scarred face, dressed in a tight leather suit with scissor for hands…

And I loved him for it…

Loose yourself for a minute in the most splendid of scenes from the Edward Scissorhands movie…the music, the passion of Edward to create things of beauty,  the carefree abandon of Kim, Winona Ryders character….

Johnny Depp… very cool, very rich, very handsome….my all time favourite  ‘outsider’

Do you share my love of Johnny Depp? If you do, what is you favourite movie, and why?

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