Fathers Day

As a family, we don’t celebrate Father’s Day, or Mother’s day for that matter….

I guess as a unit we have adopted the saying ‘Everyday should be Fathers / Mothers Day’

But recently there was a day in August when the focus was solely on my Dad, a special kind of father’s day….a birthday.

My Dad, for as long as I can remember, had LOVED motorbikes. And whilst I know that he loves my Mum, my Brother, his daughter in law, me, his extended family and friends…His love of Motorbikes might just be his biggest love of all.

Dad, Chopper, Harley and Johnny Cash

Dad in heaven with Chopper, Harley and Johnny Cash.

For his birthday this year, I indulged this true love…we ate lunch in a motorbike mechanic shop…not your grease lined, oil stained variety….a store more like heaven for those who worship at the altar of the Harley Davidson.

In inner Sydney, there is a motorbike shop, no,  a  motorbike emporium, where folk gather to worship, pay respect, drool and lust over the two-wheeler.

It is a hipster hang out of the coolest variety….Deus Ex Machina, Parramatta Road, Camperdown, Sydney, Postcode 2050.

Deus Ex Machina

I have never been a fan of motorcycles, I admire them from afar, think people who ride them are cool, but my Father…his love affair is almost as long as his 62 years on earth…

A day for Dad…pure joy from start to finish… the bikes,the food, coffee, cakes and ice-cream

A treat for Dad, which in turn was a real treat for me…It is not often that you get to spend time spoiling a parent..I felt as if the roles had reversed…Finally I was making the smallest of dints in my unwavering gratitude to my Dad.

Happy Birthday to my Dad….and even though we don’t celebrate it, Happy Fathers Day too

I have inserted my two favourite photos from the day I will call ‘Fathers Day’…Photographic evidence that my Dad was indeed in heaven


Dad, Chopper, Harley and Johnny Cash

Dad, Chopper, Harley and Johnny Cash

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  2. Anonymous
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 04:41:00

    Kate thanks for the day in Sydney – it was a real treat as is this post.Love Dad


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