Happy Birthday to Me

I wrote a pre-emptive birthday post yesterdaycertain the words I chose would reflect how I would feel on the day entered this world many moons ago.

But the arrival of a gift last night changed everything.

A necklace, pretty and elegant, with a message that was so finely inscribed on the pendant I could not read it.

I sent a message to my friend, to thank her and family for the present…and I said I was curious about the small print on the jewellery- ‘ Does it say something on the necklace…Is there a hidden message?’

I almost did’nt ask…I felt that I should have been able to make sense of the gift myself…but I could’nt…and knowing the person who gave the necklace to me…there knew there was more to it.

The reply came back instantly:

‘ She changed her focus and found herself’

She changed her focus and found herself

My eyes filled with tears…the changes that I have made in my life over the last year, the last couple of years, were  acknowledged, understood, recognised and applauded…all by this small pendant.

There could be no better birthday present.

The fact that my efforts were acknowledged, understood, recognised and applauded by the best of friends…only goes to make today the best of birthdays.

And so now I present yesterdays musings…still relevant, but slightly overshadowed by the beauty of a single gift.

Another birthday has crept up on me…today I am another year older…Am I ready to add a new digit?

I can say with all honesty, yes I am.

The last year has been just that, another year.

There have been happy and sad tears, belly laughs, hurt, anger, fear, the inevitable suffering that comes with loss…and an abundance of joy.

I have withstood it all and stand and at ready for whatever the next year has in store

Birthday…I love them….This love blossomed in my early 20’s, when I made a pact with myself to try and be in a new country each year to herald in my ‘special day’.

Some years I achieved this aim, other years I failed miserably.

Today might be one of those days…. for I am desk bound, sitting in an office block in Darlington, Sydney.

But truth be told…I feel like a winner.

The celebrations started early this year, 4 days before the new digit was to be added.

A dinner party in my honour…..a lamb roast with all the trimmings and a birthday cake and chocolate crackles.

And today I look forward to spending the hours of 9am-5pm with colleagues whose company I enjoy….This is to be followed by a birthday dinner with a group of girlfriends I treasure.

The weekend sees the celebrations take on a family theme Saturday night with Sunday providing the perfect backdrop afternoon drinks by the sea.

Birthdays…I love them…A chance to reflect on the year that was ….I stated in January that 2012 was the year that to ‘ Expect the Unexpected’…I continue to live by this motto…it will no doubt follow me into 2013 and beyond.

And today I add to that…a wise person recently said ‘We have to be in a good place with ourselves before being able to allow others to enter in our lives’

As I look back on the year that was, I smile broadly…for I know I am moving in the direction of ‘that good place’

So thank you…

  • To the people who have been part of my life what seems an eternity….I’d be lost without you!
  • To the people who entered my life in recent years, you have added great depth and colour
  • To the people out there I am yet to meet….see you soon.

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday breakfast...prepared by me for me

My birthday breakfast…prepared by me for me

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mum
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 03:17:48

    Happy birthday!


  2. dad
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 03:20:26

    Good blog – trying to work out the pearl necklace giver

    love dad


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