Catch up with a Mate- What’s it all about?

I am sitting in my car, my house / small flat / bed-sit and it’s infested with fleas ( YUK)

I am waiting for a pest removalist to come around and exterminate them all, every last one them…

Luckily I have my lap top with me…and I also have my wits about me….I deem this the perfect time to write a blog post.

Two days ago I got a reminder from the site that hosts my blog, WordPress, that Catch up with a Mate is up for its annual renewal ( meaning they want cash) Not much cash… but cash non the less!

It got me thinking…my blog is almost 1.5 years old…I can’t believe it!

It also got me thinking…what is my blog really about? Has it changed, grown, cross-pollinated since its humble conception in May 2011?

I have to say YES….the blog, like me, is changing…constantly….

Initially the blog was used as a vehicle for documenting catch up’s with friends/ mates. I had hopes that by documenting my catch ups, others would be inspired to do the same.

I had hopes that places I visited, exhibitions, seaside pools and beaches, cafes and  restaurants I frequented would get people of the couch, and out and about in pairs / small groups….kind of the like 1980’s campaign ‘ Life be in it’ but with a 2011 twist.

I had visions of endless conversations and catch ups taking place in my local community, home town, and the movement sweeping the nation…and then the entire world.

Dream big or don’t dream at all!!

It is early days….the movement has gathered 29 blog followers, 8 email followers and I have 35 face book fans.

So far my most popular posts are about Anzac Biscuits, the death of Whitney Houston and my lament about not eating a chicko roll as a childhood in the post – The Taste of Childhood.

Anzac Biscuits

RIP Whitney Houston

The Taste of Childhood

It appears most of my followers are the result of my creative writing ventures…My weekly five sentence fiction stories bring the most ‘traffic’ ( blogging term for viewers!) Check out the blog ‘ Five Sentence Fiction’…hosted by the wonderful Lillie McFerrin…inspiring stuff: Five Sentence Fiction

My creative writing piece that has proved most popular was about Forbidden Love: Forbidden Love

Then there are the blog posts that have evolved over the past 1.5 years, the Friendship Fire Starters , posts offering suggestions on how to ignite friendships, new and old, posts on Domestic and International travel and as I explore low  carb / low sugar cooking options…you guest it…recipes have started to appear.

As I change my blog changes…it is evolving with me.

It is nice to see how far it has come, and exciting to think where it will take me and who will join me for the ride

So as I pay my humble renewal for the right to host my blog site…I do so with high hopes…that the Catch up with a Mate audience, small though it may be, will continue to be inspired , prompted to action ( ?!)  and engaged by its content for another 365

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