Healthy Chocolate Crackles

Dedicated to D.P.A, Happy 1st Birthday

D.P.A turns ONE

D.P.A turns ONE

My friends beautiful baby boy turned 1 yesterday

Hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the birth of D.P.A

But one has to believe….it was a year ago that this blog post appeared, heralding in D.P.A’s triumphant arrival to planet earth: D.P.A’s first blog appearance, Oct 2011

For his birthday celebrations, in keeping in line with my low carb /low sugar approach to life, I set about researching kids party food treats….my heart set on making chocolate crackles.

The humble chocolate crackle…the very thought evokes memories of childhood…birthday parties, celebrations and all things nice, sugar and spice.

And to my surprise…the  Chocolate Crackle recipe can be reworkedgoodness can be inserted, with the nasties left out…all the while staying true to flavour and texture.

And so Hip Hip Hooray for D.P.A’s first birthday, and for this little / big man ( D.P.A might just have turned one, but he is already in size two clothing!) inspiring and challenging me to create healthy sweet treats for young and the young at heart to enjoy.

Healthy Chocolate Crackles


125g coconut oil ( 8 tablespoons )

2 cups Puffed Brown Rice

3/4  cup desiccated coconut

¼ sweetener ( I used Nativa)

¼ cup Cocoa


Melt coconut oil on low heat.

Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Pour in melted coconut oil, stir till all ingredients combined.

Place in patty cases and refrigerate for 30 minutes ( or till set)

Enjoy the taste of childhood

Consumption Advice

One might not be enough!

Coconut oil melts in the heat…and I took these crackles to a beach bbq, on a hot day…and yep, the oil melted very quickly, and crackles did not hold their shape. Best enjoyed straight out of the fridge.

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