12 Beaches of Christmas 2012

Disclosure: I wrote this post yesterday..when it was 12 days till Christmas…and then forgot to post it…Alas…only 11 days till the man in red visits…but my words below remain unchanged!!

Ready for Summer

Ready for Summer

It is fitting to post this entry today as it is in twelve days time St Nick will squeeze himself down chimneys across the globe, delivering presents to those who have behaved themselves during 2012.

Twelve days time….and while one might think my focus would have a self reflective theme – Have  I have been naughty or nice, good or bad…Ho, Ho, Ho…No, No, No…..My thought processes are consumed by a higher calling…the ocean and the myriad of beaches that line the NSW coastline…….For whilst it might be 12 days till Christmas, for me that means the annual 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign must begin….Who will make the cut in 2012?? Which beach will kick start proceedings…which beach will take out top billings? Will it be the infamous Bondi Beach or little know Honeymoon Bay on the NSW South Coast?

Oh the suspense

Oh the elation as I stare down the barrel of the 12 day campaign ( which in truth will be stretched out till the 1st of January 2013…as seriously, in the peak of the Australian summer, there is no better place to be on New Years Day that beach side)

View from a beach towl at Callala Beach

View from a beach towel

If you have been reading my blog for the past 18 months…perhaps you joined me this time last year, as I explored the 12 Beaches of Christmas 2011. For those new to the idea, you can check out last years entries under the category ‘ Beaches’

Dear Readers, I know this campaign has the potential to divide the audience…Some face a Christmas in sub zero conditions, a Christmas were eating a turkey, complete with all the trimmings and sipping mulled wine makes sense….Not in Australia…whilst no doubt we will cook the traditional hot lunch, outside it will be as hot as the oven that prepares our food ( perhaps hotter)…the beach is our only hope of survival during the silly season.

So whether the Christmas period sees you wearing ear muffs, fur coat or bikini….join me in the celebration of all things summer, all things Australian as I document, one beach at a time, the truly joyous occasion that is a dip in the ocean. May these entries inspire those who reside in warmer climates to take to the ocean, and provide an escape for those who are snowed in, huddled around the fire places, that there are warmer days to come.

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