Callala Beach

Callala Beach

Callala Beach

Its time to kick-start the 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign….so without further ado…Beach number twelve – Callala Beach, on the NSW South Coast.

As a young girl, aged 5 my parents took me to Callala Bay for summer holidays. I have strong memories of the beach side shack we stayed in, which resembled a garage. It was made out of fibro with no hot water. I recall taking a bath in the kitchen in a bucket of water ( but that could be a fabrication!)

But who needs hot water, or a bathroom when you holiday accommodation is waterfront….the ocean becomes your bath tub in summer…And Callala Beach is perfect for a good summer soak!

The first swim of summer 2012 was taken at Callala Beach, when I visited my friend Colleen, who recently became a full-time resident of the Callala Bay community. I feel so lucky to have a friend who calls this part of the world home. As I took my first swim, I took time to scan the shore line, looking for the holiday shack I had stayed in as a youngster.

It was nowhere to be seen, replaced by double story seaside mansions, the passing of time has brought change to Callala Bay, holiday homes with bathrooms and lots of hot water!

But my memories of this sleepy seaside town remain unchanged…circa 1983, when our family set up camp in the garage for some summer time fun….My little brother would turn two on the vacation…But my parents had not factored this into our holiday.

I remember the panic and dismay as Mum and Dad tried to come up with a festive plan to herald in the occasion. I thought it was funny. My brother…he remained blissfully unaware that all the raised voices of the  ‘ How could we forget’ variety were centered around him.

Nothing a quick trip to Nowra Fair couldn’t fix, and the purchasing of a Fisher-Price helicopter toy and a sponge cake enabling the carrot haired infant to register he was indeed another year older!!

Ah, Callala Beach, Callala Bay….you hold a special place in my heart…and it is with a broad smile and light fingers as I tupe…that you are  hereby inducted into the 2012 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign.


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