Bronte Beach

The 11th Beach of Christmas…Beautiful Bronte in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Bronte Beach P1030006

Bronte has long been a favourite beach of mine….and I’ll tell you why.

Christmas for me is a time of reflection, a time to stop and take stock of the year that has been. This process can cause a range of emotions to surface…joy, sadness, anger, frustration…as you look back over the events of the past 365 days, and often wonder in pure amazement how you survived!!

Bronte Beach has this effect on me…it always invites me to stop and reflect for it is a place I have frequented time and time again since moving to Sydney in 2004.

Each time I visit a memory will come flooding back and catch me off guard, inducing a smile as I recall fun times spent on her shoreline, in her water.

As I paid my respects recently, knowing all too well that Bronte would be the 11th Beach of Christmas,I recalled a hot summer’s day in 2005, when I was living in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Leichhardt.A hot summers day and Sydney’s Inner West is a less than perfect combination. A beach girl at heart, whenever the summer sun is out, I just have to be by the se…the concrete jungle does not agree with me.

My mint green Honda Civic sans air conditioning, took the hour long car ride to Bronte Beach that day…and 14 minutes into the journey I soon realised all 4 million Sydney siders had the same idea.

Arriving at the beach, drenched in sweat, I dragged myself to towards the sea…I dumped my towel, and headed into the water, my dream of a solitary seaside dip was not to be…yet I did not care…I was at Bronte Beach, I was in the water ( with one million others) and all was good, great, wonderful, perfect.

Fast forward to 2012, and 8 years on I find myself living only 5 minutes drive from Bronte Beach. I am spoilt for choice as to which Sydney Beach I might take myself to for a summer dip. Yet time and time again, I find myself back where it all started…Bronte.

Bronte, a nostalgic choice for the 11th Beach of Christmas…time to get cracking on the campaign…Only 12 days remaining in the year, so please excuse me whilst I get my swimmers on and start the car engine xx

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