Red Leaf Pool

Disclosure: The 10th Beach of Christmas is not really a beach, but a section of Sydney Harbour that has been made shark proof, cordoned off and turned into a pool.

Where there is water…Australians will swim….And Sydney Harbour is no exception.

Red Leaf Pool I love thee…I stumbled upon you by mere chance…In 2007 a friend living in the East invited me to join her for spot on inner city harbour swimming.

Red Leaf Pool

My initial hesitation ( swimming in Sydney Harbour??) quickly dissipated, replaced by feelings of joy and delight…Red Leaf pool was an inner city oasis of pure summer indulgence…a playground where beautiful people got their summer groove on….It reminded me of the South of France…complete with pontoon …small stretch of shoreline, every possible inch covered in bright coloured beach towels…and the unmistakable smell of coconut oil in the air…

And today’s outing confirms that I am indeed lucky to have discovered this Red Leaf…For on my way to the pool I stopped in at my favourite café, Ruby’s Diner, Waverley, for a coffee hit and the barista asked me what I was up to.

‘ I’m off to the beach’ I said.

‘ Which beach?’ came the reply

‘ Oh, its not really a beach, rather a pool…Red Leaf Pool in Woollahra’

‘ Never heard of it. Where did you say it was?’

Yes, Red Leaf Pool really is a hidden gem. As I attempted to explain its location the barista seemed amazed, confused even that such a seaside playground existed.

I felt like I was part of a secret society, the ‘ I have discovered Red Leaf Pool and it is awesome’ Club. The discussion I had with the Barista seemed to imply that perhaps it was my duty to enlighten others of this harbour side oasis…And whilst it would have been lovely to stay at Ruby’s and chat…the call of the water can NEVER be ignored.

Upon arrival at the pool, I started another conversation…this time with a Red Leaf regular…and we both agreed that we felt like we had stumbled upon gold when we took our first swim here.

Is Red Leaf really such a secret swimming spot? It may well be….and as my blog following is small…this post is unlikely to change the fact that Sydney siders, the general public at large, seem relatively slow to catch on to the delights of this inner city pool.

And here’s hoping it stays that way.

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