Fanny Durack Pool

It must be karma….I bagged out the Inner West in my 1oth Beach of Christmas post ( well kind of)I declared I did not appreciate inner city living on hot summer days…whilst also complaining about the length of time it took to get to the sea…in a car without air conditioning.

Well, I thought it best to go back to my inner west roots…put it out there that summer fun is possible in suburbia.  So off to Petersham I went….to reacquaint myself with Fanny Durack Pool.

In the summer of 2004-2005, I spent 6 months living in Petersham ( on the good side, the favourable side) Tucked away on Palace Street was my sweet rental, a semi-detached home, with 3 large bedrooms, wooden floor boards, ornate ceilings and summer garden.

Close by on Terminus street was the White Cockatoo Hotel, well renowned for serving up Sydney’s biggest EVER chicken schnitzels, seven doors down from my house was a quaint little corner store, The Palace Pantry, from which I purchased my weekend papers and the occasional coffee.

But the best thing about living on the good side of Petersham was its proximity to the Fanny Durack Pool. When I discovered this pool, on an evening stroll around my new hood, I likened the discovery to feeling associated with my childhood, when I found out that McDonalds was opening in a nearby suburb!

My joy was all-consuming, and I happily paid the  $2.50 entry fee to swim in the 25 metre chlorine pool, with other in the know Petersham locals. The Fanny Durack pool, I would discover, was named after one of the worlds greatest female swimmers.

And each time I swam there I felt like a winner too…An inner west chick who had found a way to stay
cool in the summer heat.

Fast forward to 2012, and feeling nostalgic, I take the streets….in my new car with air conditioning. I forgo the opportunity to bathe in the ocean I now live so close too( a Sydney Eastern Suburbs princess needs only spend 5 minutes in the car to arrive at the seaside) and take the 30 minute drive inland.

I arrive at 9am…to a construction site…Ms Durack, is appears, it getting a make-over.

Karma is a bitch…that will teach me to bag out the Inner West!! Nothing I tell myself a yoga class in Newtown can’t fix….I arrive at the gym, only to find that too is cancelled.

Fanny Durack and Newtown Yoga got me good…time to re-group and re-focus on the task at hand…But Petersham I WILL be back…My 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign, 2013 has you on top of my wish list.

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  1. Little Lisa
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 01:16:39

    you are too funny!


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