Mahon Pool

Today is Jesus’ birthday…He was born in a manger.

When he died he went to heaven.

Two days ago, I know I also went to heaven….the earth-bound version : Mahon Pool, in Maroubra.

Heaven: Mahon Pool

Heaven: Mahon Pool

I was at a Christmas party on Saturday night, and started talking about my favourite topic of late : myself. I proceeded to go into great detail about how I was entertaining myself over the summer break with my 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign, when the person I was talking too noticed that I should stop for air and interrupted me mid sentence:

‘ Have you been to Mahon Pool?


‘OMG….you MUST….it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G’

So I did…I was poolside by 7.57am the next morning…and it was everything my friend claimed it to be and more.

I sent my friend a text ‘ I’m at Mahon Pool…I think I’ve died and gone to HEAVEN’

Heaven: Mahon Pool

Heaven: Mahon Pool

The response came not from my friend but the good Lord himself ‘You have indeed my child,enjoy the baptismal waters! p.s Enjoy my Son’s birthday on the 25th”

In shock I sent a text back ‘ Thanks for waiting for me God. Looking forward to your Son’s birthday bash. Kate xx’

And as I dived into the crystal blue waters…I did indeed feel reborn…ready for whatever the New Year has in store, ready to tackle the task at hand, 9 more beach/ pool reviews…and above all, thankful for being let in on what truly is one of Sydney best kept secret swimming spots.

Heaven: Mahon Pool

Heaven: Mahon Pool

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