Austinmer Beach


Feeling cheated?….Yes.

Christmas Day has come and gone, and most of it was spent indoors, in a jumper / sweater warming my hands with a mug of hot chocolate, whilst huddling around the fireplace toasting marshmallows….I think there was even snowflakes?

Truth be told, I am prone to exaggerate…but Christmas Day was wet and cold…the sun did not shine and therefore the bikini was left in the left on the clothsline…in the rain… along with my beach towel and sundress ( I dared not venture outside to rescue them whilst natures fury was at work)

Again, more exaggeration…I did venture out after lunch, I did don my bikini, arm myself with a fresh beach towel and an umbrella and headed to the beach for the traditional Austinmer Beach Christmas swim.

Austinmer Beach

Austinmer Beach

Rain, hail or shine, despite having eaten too much Christmas Ham, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Bacon and Turkey….a swim is a swim, and tradition must be honoured.

An Austinmer girl at heart, how could I NOT pay my respects to the beach responsible for my love of the ocean. For me Austinmer Beach is the holy grail of beaches…it is where my love of the ocean starts and ends. All other stretches of coastline, ocean baths and sea pools that I visit…do NOTHING for me.

Austinmer Beach is the be all and end all of swimming experiences.

Prone to exaggerate?….Yes.

Stretch the truth?….Yes, that too.

But my love of Austinmer Beach…that part is true…Prehaps not to the extent recorded, but this little stretch of sand, the two oceans baths a rock pool, the surf club and bathers pavilion hold a special place in my heart.

Ands heres why

‘ Mum, did I take my first ever swim in Austinmer when I was a baby?’

‘ Definitely, you were 4 months old…I have photos to prove it!

My first ever swim…now that is special…a defining moment…Austinmer captured a piece of my heart at 4 months!! And when I am old and grey, and in possession of the knowledge that I will soon meet the good Lord at the pearly gates, Austinmer Beach will top of my list of things to do.

It might be beach number 7 in the 2012 12 Beaches of Chrismas Campaign, but Austinmer beach will always be my first, my last, my everything xx

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