Wombarra Rock Pool

Wombarra Rock Pool

Wombarra Rock Pool

The 6th Beach / Pool of Christmas…visited out of sheer necessity…. as Boxing Day lunch was cancelled.

My brother, struck down by a virus, hurling his guts up in the bathroom that backed directly onto my bedroom…Who knew that you needed to bring ear plugs when staying the night at the family home?

Come sun up, my sister-in-law had bundled by sickly looking sibling into the car and was heading South….Far South…Keep going I say…take those germs away!

And Mum, Dad and I were left standing in the house, with the monumental task of disinfecting every hint of germ that my brother had gifted the family for Christmas.

After after the cleaning…well Boxing Day was a blank canvas….The planned lunch with friends…postponed…It would be fair to hand over gifts of champagne, fruit mince pies and a 48 hour spewing virus!!

Somewhat depressed, I turned my attention to my 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign..I was looking for a stretch of coastline, close by to home, that would fit the bill, ease my sadness.

Having reviewed my home town beach, Austinmer, a mere 24 hours ago…I needed to venture further afield. So I drove 5 km north and ended up at Wombarra Rock Pool.

Never before in my 34 years on earth had I been to the beautiful spot….This induced feelings of shame…Yes, I am an Austinmer girl at heart…but a mere  5 km up the road was this glorious swimming pool..one which I had NEVER given  time of day…Clearly my loss, but shame inducing none the less.

So to rectify the situation, it would seem logical that I would spend hours frolicking in the crystal clear waters of Wombarra Rock Pool…wading in waters to make up for lost time….allowing the cool water to erase the disappointment brought on by the cancelled Boxing Day festivities.

No, not this Austi chick….I took a few photos and then high tailed it out of there!

Why: The weather was less than appealing, high wind, no sun, but more to the point…. I had snuck my parents Les Miserable soundtrack along for the car ride…and I just wanted to be on the road again…Listening to ‘Red and Black’…

But Wombarra Rock Pool, I will be back!

This Austinmer girl needs to get out more!

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  1. Cate's Kitchen Adventures
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 22:44:56

    Oh I love that rock pool, now you’re making me home sick!


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