Palm Beach and Whale Beach

It’s a double issue, the 4th and 3rd Beach of Christmas…Palm and Whale Beach.

Why a double issue?…If you are going to drive all that way…you have to revue at least two beaches (quite frankly I could have finished the summer series up there…spoilt for choice!)

My family would think it mad… I had just spent Christmas is my childhood home, Austinmer, the beach a mere one minute walk from the front door…and yet here I was, on a hot summers day in Sydney, prepared to take a 2 hour drive, along with every other Sydney sider, to the Northern Beaches.

As I drove North yesterday,  I had my Mother’s voice in my ear ‘ But you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney…only 5 minutes drive from the sea. Remember when you lived in Sydney’s Inner West?’

‘Yes I remember’ ( the long car journey ensuring I could conduct this conversation in my head and begrudgingly respond)

And on it went “ Your Father and I are trying to understand, really we are…but as the beach is now on your doorstep,  why the long drive?…We are truly struggling with this darling!’

To be fair to my parents, they had a point! Yet the long car journey gave me time to think about my actions…and I parked my car at Palmy I was certain there was not a soul that day who’s desire for beach action was as pure as mine!

I reason that as I have grown up by the sea, and know the benefits of a good summer soak, there is no mountain to high, no rive to deep…that will keep me from getting to the ocean.  A two  hour drive is nothing…I would drive 10 hours to get to the sea…Hell, in 2005 I took a 36 hour plane ride to get to Dubrovnik, Croatia, just so I could swim in the Mediterranean!

P1030101 P1030093

And what is not to love about Palm Beach? The photos speak for themselves…and if they don’t do anything for you…hum a few lines of the song from Aussie Soap show, Home and Away, which is set in Palm Beach ( but don’t sing the whole verse….you could end up in Yabby Creek!!)

Hold me in your arms, don’t let me go….I want to stay forever

Closer each day…Home and Away

From Palm to Whale Beach…paying for parking along the way…

Whale beach, I love thee…Complete with well to do kiosk, Ripples at Whale Beach….very La de da….the North doing beach culture with a capital B…not a dagwood dog insight!! Upon review, the Ripples menu costed a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping at $10…it was then that I knew it was time to leave!!

P1030103 P1030102

The journey home was long….My travel companion and I started playing a game with the Best of Fleetwood Mac Album that had played on high rotation on our beach excursion. How many Fleetwood songs would it take to get drive 1km of inner Sydney road in peak hour?

The answer: ‘ Go your Own Way’ ‘ Don’t Stop’ ‘ Dreams’ ‘ Little Lies’ and half of ‘ Everywhere’

Yes, the car ride in both directions was very Fleetwood Mac…cliché as it sounds…sometimes its not about the destination but the journey itself….Not in this case…both were of equal importance!!

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