Bondi Icebergs

Its getting a bit fancy toward the end of the 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign….Palm Beach, Whale Beach…and now a dalliance at Bondi Icebergs…Wow wee!!

Beach Number Two, a seaside pool that backs onto arguably one of the most famous beaches in the WORLD…Bondi Beach.


I spent an afternoon there, getting involved in a seaside yoga class at 4pm. You heard right…I wasn’t at Icebergs to swim, rather to get in touch with the true essence of self and carry that person, kicking and screaming into the new year!!

NYE 2010, I took part in a sunrise yoga class at Coogee Beach….Yoga by the Sea. Looking back with fond memories, I realise that is the ONLY way to herald in a New Year…a bit of yoga, soul-searching and stretching…making peace with the year that was whilst at the same time cultivating good intentions for the year ahead.

With the end of 2012 nigh, I rang around for a NYE yoga class at a number of Eastern Suburbs beaches…Coogee ( No) Tamarama ( No) Bronte ( No)…not even Bondi was operating a class on the 31st of December…Perhaps the East and its yogi’s had got its ZEN on early this year….clearly I had missed the boat.

So Yoga on the 30th of December it was…Yoga at Bondi Icebergs…with the soothing sound of the sea our afternoon soundtrack, and an hour long Yin Yoga class…strong poses, gentle stretches and the bemused faces of hundreds of tourists watching our class as we assumed the position ‘ Downward Dog’ and ‘Baby Cobra’

The practice of yoga flew by…I could have stayed in the ‘ Happy Baby’ posture all afternoon for it was clear to me that I had a lot of baggage to offload, issues to make peace with before the class, the year was out!

The desire to cultivate further good intentions lead me to the pool at the conclusion of class…I would swim my way to inner peace with the Bondi body beautiful….

I did a whole two laps of breast stroke

Did I emerge from the pure Bondi waters a new woman….ready to face the remainder of 2012 with bravado and confidence??…

No, I had swallowed too much sea water, lost a strap from my bikini and rather fancied a hot shower and a quick bus ride home!

But the lure of the sea, in particular Bondi Beach, Bondi Icebergs…has a hold over me….as I bid adieu to 2012, the year I regard as a foundation year…a building block year for 2013 ( which WILL be fantastic as a result of the personal toil and trouble of 2012)…there is no place I would rather be….Bondi I’m coming for you today, you better be ready ! And tomorrow, the  01/01/2013, you now where to find me…I’ll be the girl in the one strapped bikini xx

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