Five Sentence Fiction : Ringing

Word Prompt: Ringing

She had never dared dream it possible to feel this happy.

The words he had spoken to her last night were responsible for this mornings  giddy feeling, lightness of being, butterfly stomach.

Three words and her whole world had been turned upside down, the ground beneath her had become unsteady, every certainty shattered as a new truth was revealed.

The sound of his voice was with her today, ringing in her ears, reassuring her that is wasn’t a dream, this was really happening.

‘ I love you’…and sitting in her garden, soaking up the summer sun, it truly was the sweetest sound she had ever heard.

Five Sentence Fiction : Inspire

Word Prompt : Inspire

Edward Scissorhands

A morning stroll, a woman prunes a garden hedge with secateurs, sharp silver blades making a ‘snip, snip’ sound as green foliage falls to the footpath.

For the passer-by, the scene evokes fond childhood memories, of a much loved fairy story, about a beautiful man, with a creative soul and sensitive nature…with scissors for hands.

That evening, the passer-by dusts off her DVD copy of Edward Scissorhands and settles in for a night of pure escapism.

And though the she had watched the movie countless times, when the credits rolled, cool tears trickle down her cheeks.

She understands them to be happy tears, as just like her childhood hero, love that had been long been missing from her life had finally arrived, illuminating everything.

Five Sentence Fiction: Midnight

Word Prompt : Blue

Blue was her favourite colour….At school in art class, she often painted entire landscapes, the sky, the trees, even the sun in varying shades of the colour.

Her favourite song, she had stumbled across by accident, when rummaging through her Mother’s record collection…’ Midnight Blue’ by Lou Gramm .

Though she did not understand the meaning of the lyrics, she loved the idea that the midnight sky , the time of night she found scariest, could be likened to the colour most perfect.

For months on end, years even, she had suffered nightmares, dark, violent images, in black, reds and greys.

Since playing Mr Gramm’s song before bed, her dreams had begun to take on a soft blue hue, peace had been restored, testament that blue was indeed the greatest colour in the WORLD!!

Bondi Beach

Without further ado I present the first beach of Christmas in the 2012 ‘ 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign’

Bondi Beach

Could any other beach have claimed top honours?

It was always going to be hard to pip her at the post!!

It goes without saying that I love Bondi Beach.. I spent the last day of 2012 and the first day of 2013  with her.

Her mood on the 31st of December was very zen! The ocean oozed calmness, there were no waves, and my friend and I bobbed and floated the morning away….looking skyward, wondering what the New Year, a mere 24 hours away had in store.

There was a sense of anticipation in the air. The New Year…2013 would soon be thrust upon us…. beach goers chattered and laughed as they swapped tales of the highs and lows of 2012…My friend and I lay on our beach towels, soaked up the summer sun, put our thinking caps on and chewed the fat…How were we to make 2013 OUR year? What BOLD statement would we make?

Our plans were sketchy…but our hopes high…Bondi Beach affirming for us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Why? Because  when one stands on her shoreline , ANYTHING is possible…you only have to watch one episode the Channel 10 show, Bondi Rescue,  to know that!

We ummed and arghhed….we sighed and laughed in unison…and then we let go…You can’t hold onto your hopes and dreams too tightly!

Bondi Babe

Fast foward to the 1st of January…and I am back at Bondi Beach….but HER  mood and changed…Bondi was ANGRY.

Prehaps she had just had enough…the New Years festivities had broken her….and she had decided NOT to put on party dress for the 1st of Jan!

Instead she unleashed her fury….. blue-bottle stingers littered her waters, choosing victims at random, sharks swam within her waters, causing the  evacuation of all swimmers at 4pm.

I was stung by a blue-bottle at 2.33pm and whilst I attempted to play it cool…the pain got the better of me and I left the beach at 3.07pm.

I was not happy…Bondi Beach had let me down.

But despite my blue bottle battle scars

P1030144 P1030145

and the theme to the JAWS movie having played on high rotation for the last 72 hours….

My heart belongs to BONDI….I appreciate her honestly, her humanity…She is NOT always perfect, doesn’t pretend to me……What you get is what you see….and for that reason alone, you are a most worthy recipient of the title ‘ First Beach of Christmas’  in the 2012 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign.

Ode to Freddie Mercury

It is the 3rd day of 2013…and I already I am tempted to pen the book ‘ Can I write myself a future?’

Feeling slightly of balance as I enter the New Year..all aspirations, dreams, desires and passions weighed down by an all-consuming sense of BLAH!!

And then, a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope, the documentary I was meant to watch, at home, alone on Wednesday the 2nd of January, 2013- Freddie Mercury– The Great Pretender

I struggle to find the right words to best capture the  life force that beamed through my television last night….What I will say is that Mr Mercury, you captivated me ….Your lust for life , love, passion, self belief, bravado and confidence….your ‘ I can do ANYTHING and I WILL’ attitude restored my faith in, well,  everything.

Mr Mercury…you are my poster boy for 2013, and this song is my anthem:

Followed closely by this gem:

Yes, in 2013 I want it all and I’ve got to break free…and I am investing ALL my energy into making this happen.

‘ Whatever you do, or dream you can do, being it- boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now’  Goethe

And the book ‘ Can I write myself  a future?’…may this be the year that I not only write the book, but I LIVE it too.

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