Five Sentence Fiction: Cherish

Word Prompt: Cherish

The morning bus ride to work.

A young school boy, tall,slender, having gone through another growth spurt over the summer vacation..his school pants failing to cover the entire length of his legs, travels with the bus full of city workers.

This kid is a stand out, unlike the people dressed in varying shades of black and grey, who stare vacantly off into the distance, the kids eyes are bright and full of promise.

Without fail, each day as he alights the bus, the silence is shattered by the thanks his gives the bus driver.

I live to hear that ‘ thank you’, I cherish the moment those simple words are spoken, I enjoy my bus ride to work all the more when that young boy reminds me that the simplest of gestures can make the world of difference.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

One year ago, my childhood idol, Whitney Houston passed away.

In the year since her death, much has happened…from the big (a family wedding) to the small (I mastered the wheel pose in yoga). And while I got one with another year of life, one constant during those 365 days was Whitney’s music.

I confess that I did not listen her music every day… but for a good 6 weeks after her passing on Feb 11th, 2012, it was on high rotation…I indulged this guilty pleasure again in late September for my birthday and by pure chance, whilst preparing for my god daughter Mae’s birthday yesterday, she appeared on Video Hits in all her ‘ I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ glory!!

Mae, who was busy helping her Dad blow up balloons for her party stood still from the moment Whitney graced the screen. She was transfixed by her natural beauty, bubbly personality , 80’s hair-do, million dollar smile…and THAT voice.

The VOICE that commands attention: Ms Whitney Houston

The VOICE that commands attention: Ms Whitney Houston

We shared a special moment there and then, when a little girl all of 2 years of age and grown women (who will remain ageless) danced around a suburban lounge room to a timeless classic.

Ms Houston we did you proud, you gained a pint sized fan whilst transporting me back to a time when happiness depended upon one thing: a cassette tape titled ‘Whitney’

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Five Sentence Fiction: Purple

Word Prompt: Purple

‘Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue’

She has successfully got the all of Kindergarten singing in time, in tune to ‘ I can sing a Rainbow’, holding up colour cards to for those who needed extra guidance…it was after all, the class’s first assembly in front of the whole school.

‘ I can sing a Rainbow, sing a Rainbow, sing a Rainbow too’

‘ Listen with your eyes, listen with your eyes and sing everything you see’

She was so proud of her little class, they had the entire school captivated, even the grisly Principle was whistling in time with this childhood classic….mission accomplished!

Kevin Rudd, a cup of tea and me

I have always been a bit behind the times.

I don’t have a smart phone, I don’t use twitter and I still send letters by post.

In my recent post The Month that got away January 2013, I lamented that I wasted 31 days of a perfectly wonderful year wishing myself a new life, new career, partner, cat. Naturally when this did not eventuate I got depressed and anxious. When I snapped out of it….it was February already ( well at least it wasn’t November!!)

Blog writing took a back seat to the mental chit-chat that swirled about my head in January….from which job I would take at the Australian Council of the Arts to whether I wear a black, red or white dress to my impending nuptials to Johnny Depp….

With the fogg clearly oh so slightly in February, I realised some great things did happen during the first month of 2013, strange, odd occurances…so random in their nature that to write about them is the only way to make sense of the situation.

Catch up with a Mate was invited to have afternoon tea with Former Prime Minister of Australia, the honourable Mr Kevin Rudd. An event sponsored by Twinings Tea, in conjunction with the RSPCA, the tea ceremony was held at the Sydney University, where Mr Rudd launched his ‘ Australian Afternoon Tea’ blend ( sales from which a portion will go to the RSPCA)

Kevin and Kate

Kevin and Kate

In the summer sun, I mingled with the elite, drank Mr Rudd’s delightful tea blend, ate lamb sandwiches as puppy dogs frolicked on the manicured lawns of Sydney University. I was a unsure as to how I had ended up on the invite list, but truth be told…it really did no matter!! This was Catch up with a Mate’s first media invite and I lapping it up.

High Tea with K-Rudd's crew

High Tea with K-Rudd‘s crew

Yes, January 2013…the month that got away….but in amongst it all….some trully magical things did happen xx

Special shout out to my fellow blogging buddy, Cup of Tea and a Blog, who was at K-Rudd afternoon tea. May we met again, I’d happily go along to an Arnotts Tim Tam launch with you!! ( just putting it out there, you NEVER know who could be reading!!)

Words fail me!!

Words fail me!!

The month that got away…January 2013

It would appear that I slept for an entire month…January 2013…where exactly did you go? Or more to the point, what was I doing for the first 31 days of the New Year?

January 2013

Oh, that’s right…I was wishing myself far from the reality I was facing…I wanted that elusive thing we all want from time to time….CHANGE…not in relation to the small stuff ie a different bowl of breakfast cereal or a new pair of shoes….No I was after the BIG KAHUNA of CHANGE…new job, new home, new life partner ( or in any case, just a partner)…and I wanted it all in the click of an instant….a McDonalds Happy Meal approach to life….I was certain it was MY TIME…January, 2013 was going to be my month, where my new life began, where I parted with the old me and debut the new and much improved version of Catch up with a Mate Kate.

Yet something got in the way…it is called February!!

And with the start of a new month, an awareness that this process of change I so long for, crave to the point of obsession, needs to be tended to in a caring and loving manner. I have to be gentle with myself as I tread the path towards ‘greatness’ . I cannot set myself deadlines, I have to accept that this is a process from which I will learn and grow…one which I hope bring about the changes I so desire in an organic fashion.

I have to also accept the possibility that it won’t ( how adult of me!!)

It can also be said that it would not be fair to ignore feelings of restlessness….they are present for a reason and I intend to pay them the respect they deserve…But January has come and gone…and I listen I did…I listened so intently that I felt overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, I felt powerless to change even the smallest aspect of my life…

No doubt the coming days, months,even years will be coloured by my desire for change…I will have ups and downs..with setbacks revealing new truths about life’s  possibilies….I have realised that the ideal career, partner, friend or home life cannot be presented to me on a platter….whilst it might be nice, it would not be satisfying…as the saying goes...’ Its not the destination, but the journey that is the reward’ or said more poetically, in the book I am currently reading, The Life of Pi ‘ To look out with idle hope is tantamount to dreaming one’s life away’I have to actively be part of the change process…there are no iffs or buts about it!!

Yes, January, the month that got away…February, the month in which I emerge from the shadows, feeling lighter, less weigh down by the enormity of the challenge I have set myself for 2013…happy to admit that I am in this for the long haul…change is on horizon, if I squint my eyes, I can just about see it.

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