Lest We Forget

My Grandparents- Bruce and Joan Gibson- True Anzacs xx

My Grandparents- True Anzacs

Anzac Day, 25th of April, 2013

My Grandfather told me a story about his war-time experience that I hazard a guess he had never told anyone. It made for a very special day, I felt honoured and privileged that he opened up to me and told me a tale that for 68 years had never had an audience….

‘ His name was Alton Neil Robinson….but we all called him Bill. He was a few years older than me at school and very intelligent. He completed his leaving certificate at Mudgee High School ( 5 years of High School). I only did three years of secondary school’

‘ In Bills civilian life, he was a very talented cyclist. He also had a passion for languages’

‘ How many languages did he know?’ I asked but I did not get an answer.

‘ Bill was smart enough to enter the airforce during World War II. They wanted men who had completed their leaving certificate and Bill was a natural-born pilot’

‘ Did you want to be a pilot Grandfather?’

‘ Everyone had there different ideas about what they would do during the war’

‘Bill wrote me a letter from his pilot training quarters, asking if I would met him at a pub in Sydney for a drink. Telephone calls were to expensive to make, so we arranged out catch up through letter writing’

‘I remember sitting at that pub and waiting….Bill never showed up. He was too reliable a character, there had to be a reason….I knew something was wrong’

‘ Seven months passed, and still no word from Bill. One day I was scanning the newspaper, and I glanced over the war casuality list…and there was his name ‘ Alton Neil Robinson of Mudgee’…pilot, plane shot down over the English Channel..no survivors’

‘ I cut out the clipping and kept it. I still have it in my room, I came across it yesterday’

‘ He’d been called up to the war, and within two weeks, his plane was shot down, he was killed….and that was the reason we never had that last drink’

‘ I’ll never forget it. I just sat in the pub that day and waited for what seemed forever’

My Grandfather is crying.

I reach out to him and say ‘ Thank you for sharing this story ‘

He looks at me, and through tears says ‘ There are just some things I don’t talk about’, but with a look on his face that implies he is finally glad he had the courage to share, to let go in some small way of the hurt and suffering, guilt and anger that he had carried for close to 70 years.

Anzac Day, 25th April, 2013…a day I will never forget. A day the story of Alton Neil Robinson finally surfaced,a day I saw the softer side of my Grandfather for the very first time, a day I was entrusted with a story that will say with me forever.

Gym training with One Direction

I continue to move in a direction

It just so happens this morning as I worked out with my fabulous personal trainer I was in the presence of arguably the most popular boy band in the WORLD…ONE DIRECTION!!

5 guys, buff young things, all wearing singlet tops and tiny shorts, and the hair styles….not something you expect to see during a 7am work out session….hair blow dried and riddled with hair product, teased to perfection and causally sweeping across the face of the kid who looked remarkably like Harry Styles…. the token blonde kid,  hair neat and tidy, the trendy guy with the cap on backwards….I could not focus in on the other two….my gaze was fixed on the Harry look-alike.

Oh it made for a fun work out session…even more so when One Direction music was pumped through the gyms sound system…Live While we’re Young

Working out with Sydney’s version of One Direction…the perfect way to start the day


Small steps in a direction

Small Steps

small steps

Of late, everything has fallen by the wayside….It started slowly, then gained momentum…till just about everything that composed of my day seemed to be overwhelming….work, cooking, cleaning, socializing with family and friends, exercise, the art of a good nights sleep…and off course…blog writing….

As I write this post I am by no means back on track….that will take time….but I think I can feel the wheel of change slowly turning…It helps that I have fantastic family and friends, a supportive workplace,  a fat black cat that is very affectionate, lindt chocolate etc etc

Inspiration to write comes in may forms….yesterday when I received a message from a blog fan who said that I had inspired them to make my breakfast dish of Omlette with chorizo, brocolli, red onion and lemon

I got a boost…felt inspired

Of late I have found it impossible to think that I could inspire anyone….but that little note of thanks I received yesterday gave me a much-needed boost, a push in the right direction / or just a direction…and that it what I needed most…

Small steps

And to keep to boosting going…I ask you to vote for my blog in the 2013 Best Blog competition…I have been a bit slack in getting the voting thing happening…but if you enjoy my blog I would LOVE you to vote for me via the link below


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