Gym training with One Direction

I continue to move in a direction

It just so happens this morning as I worked out with my fabulous personal trainer I was in the presence of arguably the most popular boy band in the WORLD…ONE DIRECTION!!

5 guys, buff young things, all wearing singlet tops and tiny shorts, and the hair styles….not something you expect to see during a 7am work out session….hair blow dried and riddled with hair product, teased to perfection and causally sweeping across the face of the kid who looked remarkably like Harry Styles…. the token blonde kid,  hair neat and tidy, the trendy guy with the cap on backwards….I could not focus in on the other two….my gaze was fixed on the Harry look-alike.

Oh it made for a fun work out session…even more so when One Direction music was pumped through the gyms sound system…Live While we’re Young

Working out with Sydney’s version of One Direction…the perfect way to start the day


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