The Last Supper- Catch up with a Mate June 2013

Catch up with a Mate Month, June, 2013 is over…..and this is the first blog post I have written about it.

But with good reason…I have been to busy doing the things that make my blog Catch up with a Mate: catching up with people.

For those of you have been following me for a while, or you might have stumbled across my writing for the very first timea breif history lesson, I started this blog back in May, 2011 with the intention of using it as a platform from which to use words to encourage friendship – What is this BLOG all ABOUT??

Like all blogs, I have diverted from the topic of friendship in my writing, but each in June of each year, I declare it Catch up with a Mate month, and my focus turns almost entirely to friendship.

So June, 2013- What happened?

  • I caught up with Interstate friends from Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland ( it just so happened that they where all visiting NSW in the month of June, what a lucky girl I am!!)
  • I caught up with friends in NSW, friends I have had in my life for many moons, friends I have collected since making the big move to Sydney 9 years ago, friends I formed whilst travelling the globe in 2001-2002…but when it all boils down to it, friends are friends, no matter how the bond is formed…and catch up with did!!
  • I met, held and hugged new babies….tiny, tiny people who will be part of my life from here on in

Where did these catch ups take place?

Small bars in Sydney, BBQ’s in Wollongong, a city South of Sydney, in Art Galleries and restaurants, movie theatres and cafes.

But conversations weren’t just limited to these venues, whilst they provided the frame-work for our catch ups, it was often on the walks to a venue, or whilst waiting at a bus stop or train station that our friendship really came to life- my companion and I would talk and talk, reminisce, laugh, shed a tear, voice our concerns or fears– friendship at its finest xx

What a month! Today is the 30th of June and I am spent! I lay in bed till 11am this morning…the month of June has taken a huge toll, all this catching up has left me tired, a have accrued a sleep dept that I doubt I will recover till May 2015!!

Yesterday was the last hurrah…I caught up with three friends at separate veneus, all with babies ( two brand new). That evening I hosted a dinner party ( the last supper)at which some of my favourite people in the whole world sat at table- my brother, my sister-in-law,my dear friend Miriam and her husband Luke.

The meal was simple- A main of  chicken parmigiana and roast vegetables and for dessert, sticky sate pudding with cream and ice-cream.

The highlight of the evening- hands down, the  conversation…. followed ever so closely by the BEST ever ANTIPASTO plate Miriam brought for entree ( three WHOLE plates for of ANTIPASTO delights) Note to self- ALWAYS ask MIM to cater!

So farewell Catch up with a Mate Month 2013…I need time off to recover, to recoup and refresh….June 2014 is only 12 months away!!


Five Sentence Fiction- View

Word Prompt: View

”I’m watching you, watch over me, and I got the Greatest View from here”

That song line swirls around and around in my head as my boyfriend and I drive along the dirt road to the farm-house.

I stare out the window as he drives, the scene that greets me is bleak, we have not had rain in months, years even, the grass, or what is left of it is yellow, burnt by the sun.

The creek that runs parallel to the road has dried up.

Yet despite the harshness of farming life, a life dictated by the weather, it is the life I love, the lifestyle I am devoted too…my gaze holds firm for the view that greets me will always be the greatest.

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Catching up with my newest mate, Leah Kate

I’d waited 5 weeks to meet my new friend Leah Kate.

Actually if you count the months I waited for her arrival into the world, I guess you can say I waited 10 months, 1 week, 3 hours and 23 minutes to meet her.

And it was worth the wait….

Leah Kate

Leah Kate

Leah Kate…we will have a life time of fun together.

We will swim together at MacAuley’s Beach, like I did with your Mum many moons ago, I will teach you to play the piano duet ‘ When the Saints go Marching in’, the very same duet I bashed out on my families piano with…you guessed it, your Mum and your Aunt Steph…and most importantly, we will make Banana Cream pie together in summer time ( and make the biggest mess possible, just like your Mum, Aunt Steph and I used to do at your Grandma’s house)

But above ALL else….it is my personal mission in life to turn you into a lover of cats ( much to your Father’s horror!)


It will be important for me to start at the very beginning, with tales of the cat Albert Boyle ( your Mum can fill in where are I can’t, she knew him well too). Next will come cat tales of the one and only Alice Boo Boyle….which will provide a great platform from which to launch to present day, to the delightful cat Flora Boyle…Oh the many yarns I will  spin of her Eastern Suburbs adventures!

Leah Kate, our times together will always be great…It can’t be any other way……. I have shared a life time of friendship with your Mum and your Aunt Steph, I think ever so highly of your Father and your big brother Juan Dunko (aka D.P.A)…he is just the best ever.

Let the fun times begin!!

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Kevin 07 / Kevin 13

This post was written in February about a cup of tea I shared with Kevin Rudd  in January of this year.

A mere 5 months after the tea ceremony…who would have thought that KRudd would once more be Prime Minister….I don’t believe Rudd, the RSPCA canines present as the tea service, myself even, saw it coming!!

The tale below is as surreal as the current Australian Political Climate…read on…if you dare…

I have always been behind the times…I don’t have a smart phone, I hate twitter and I like to read novels that are made our of paper….

In my recent post The Month that got away January 2013, I lamented that I wasted 31 days of a perfectly wonderful year wishing myself a new life, new career, partner, cat. Naturally when this did not eventuate I got depressed and anxious. When I snapped out of it….it was February already ( well at least it wasn’t November!!)

Blog writing took a back seat to the mental chit-chat that swirled about my head in January….from which job I would take at the Australian Council of the Arts to whether I wear a black, red or white dress to my impending nuptials to Johnny Depp….

With the fogg clearly oh so slightly in February, I realised some great things did happen during the first month of 2013, strange, odd occurances…so random in their nature that to write about them is the only way to make sense of the situation.

Catch up with a Mate was invited to have afternoon tea with Former Prime Minister of Australia, the honourable Mr Kevin Rudd. An event sponsored by Twinings Tea, in conjunction with the RSPCA, the tea ceremony was held at the Sydney University, where Mr Rudd launched his ‘ Australian Afternoon Tea’ blend ( sales from which a portion will go to the RSPCA)

Kevin and Kate

Kevin and Kate

In the summer sun, I mingled with the elite, drank Mr Rudd’s delightful tea blend, ate lamb sandwiches as puppy dogs frolicked on the manicured lawns of Sydney University. I was a unsure as to how I had ended up on the invite list, but truth be told…it really did no matter!! This was Catch up with a Mate’s first media invite and I lapping it up.

High Tea with K-Rudd's crew

High Tea with K-Rudd’s crew

Yes, January 2013…the month that got away….but in amongst it all….some trully magical things did happen xx

Special shout out to my fellow blogging buddy, Cup of Tea and a Blog, who was at K-Rudd afternoon tea. May we met again, I’d happily go along to an Arnotts Tim Tam launch with you!! ( just putting it out there, you NEVER know who could be reading!!)

Words fail me!!

Words fail me!!

Cementing Love

Cementing Love

Cementing Love

A few weeks back my street was treated to a new foot path / pavement.

Initially I was hesitant to engage in some street art…but when my neighbours started to get creative…I rallied to the cause.

The sun had gone down , so I shone my i-phone screen in the direction of the footpath with careful precision I lovingly carved my name, Flora the cat’s name, to cement.

And I got in just in time.. the footpath had nearly set….It was after all 7.33pm, and the cement had been laid at 9.07am.

I am ever so proud of my street art….Friends say I have changed, that the previous Kate Boyle would NEVER have engaged in modern-day street graffiti

But change is good…and everyday when I close the front door of my tiny flat and take to the streets, I am greeted with a constant reminder that change is good…the big, the small, the seemingly insignificant….





One Purr-fect Life

There are some days where I would give my life to be a cat.

Any cat in particular I hear you ask?

Specifically, my cat Flora.



This morning as I went about my morning routine which would enable me to embarked on a day’s work in an office block, a fate worse than death, Flora slept.

The cat was deep in slumber mode….this feline was snoring nestled in between the blankets of my unmade bed.

It was enough to make my blood boil…what I would have given to crawl up under the covers, and drift off to the land of nod…to where it was all sunny and warm, a place where computers and data entry did not exist, where chocolate cake was available on demand and Johnny Depp was my husband.

With military style precision I ate breakfast, showered, prepared my lunch and did a few house hold chores.

All the while Flora slept and snored….a noise which filled my tiny best-sit…a joyous soft purr with a nasal twang!

My heart softened…I could not be jealous of my furry four legged life companion…. My time would come for rest and relaxation…it was a mere 3 days off….72 hours till Friday to be precise!

So I further indulged her…I made my bed, pulling the doona towards the bedhead, encasing Flora in a mound of blankets.

Then just to make sure she did no suffocate, I placed a tissue box on one of my pillows, allowing a little light into my man-made cat cave, should she over heat during the day and need to escape for air…..

Undercover agent

Undercover agent

Yes, there are some days that I would give ANYTHING to be a cat!!

One year later…Still walking on Sunshine!!

I’m cheating today…reposting some writing I did one year ago…when my brother Michael married a most beautiful woman, Tennelle.

One year on, the words below still define a union most special…even more so as their love grows stronger with each passing day…Happy 1st Anniversary M n T xx


Though NSW has recently endured torrential rain, flash floods, howling winds and king tide surf…I am walking on sunshine.

On Sunday the 10th of June my little brother Michael got married to his fairytale princess, Tennelle…the weather held off as they declared their love for each other in an outdoor service in North Wollongong….


American Novelist Mark Twain said of love

Life is short. Break the rules

Forgive quickly, kiss slowly

Love truly

The lead up to the big day crept up slowly….Tennelle, Mum and I spent Friday pampering ourselves at a day spa in my home town of Austinmer : Ibah Spa. The spa is located at the top of the street I grew up on as a child. As I drove to the 3pm appointment, I felt a surge of nostalgia….I was home for a wedding, a family wedding, my brother, the little boy with angelic red ringlets, now a grown man was getting married… precious childhood memories came and went as  I lay down for my massage and pedicure.

Saturday and my Dad and I did pre-wedding errands. Collecting cakes, flowers and the mini bus that would transport the wedding party.

It was clear that mini bus hire company refused to join the technology revolution…preferring to rely on a computer circa 1985. Minutes felt like hours, and eventually the keys to the mini bus were handed over.

‘You getting married?’ questioned the man responsible for the 1985 style business operations

‘No, not me, my brother’

And perhaps, only in Wollongong would you get this reply: ‘ Whats the wrong with YOU then?’

Jason Donovan sang to Kylie Minogue of Love

Especially for you

I want to tell you, you mean all the world to me

How I’m certain that our love was meant to be

You changed my life

You showed me the way

The Big Day….special is so many ways

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An early morning stroll in Austinmer….Passing the beach were Michael and I had learnt to swim, the parks were we had played as children, the corner store were we walked to by mixed lollies, the bus stop we stood at to go to school….

Hair and makeup sessions for Mum and I, at the family home by a local makeup artist. Small talk with Michael and his four grooms men,  all childhood friends….friendships that span 25 years….

The outdoor service…my brother looking sharp in a gray suit and bow tie, close by stood four dapper groomsmen and four modern day beauties : the bridesmaids.

And then she appeared…..the bride….breathtakingly beautiful…

The wedding guests beamed, wiped away happy tears as two individuals united by love became man and wife


English Poet and Novelist William Shakespeare said of love

Love is an ever-fixed mark

That can never be shaken

The party that followed was a celebrations of the love shared by Michael and Tennelle.

Family and friends chatted about love, danced to songs about love, listened and gave speeches about love….and ate and drank an array of fine food and drink the couple had chosen…well…because of love.

And when it was all over, and Monday came around, followed by Tuesday, then Wednesday…I felt a bit flat…All the build up, the hype, the preparation, the gossiping was no more…

But the  memories sustain me…..they are as precious as gold

The beautiful bride, Tennelle….simply stunning.

The couple being serenaded by their friend Mikaela to ‘ At Last’ by Etta James, as they took to the dance floor

My brothers speech …where he declared that their  first meeting in a Wollongong Bar was , in his words almost ‘ an epic fail’

But most of all…..

The loving gaze shared by Michael and Tennelle as they stood before their wedding guests, before the celebrant started official proceedings…Not a word yet spoken…The look of love was there for all to see.

Five Sentence Fiction – Desolate

And so I continue with my serial killer themed 5 sentence fiction. For those stumbling upon my writing for the first time, under the category ‘ Writing’, you will find the two short pieces that were written in conjuction with the piece below. Those short stories are 5 sentence fiction ‘ accident’ and ‘ charmed’.

Word Prompt- Desolate

I used to stare at my wall calendar…what a barren and desolate scene that once was, an endless blank canvas of days, which turned into weeks, then months of sheer nothingness.

But that description of a wall calendar is not mine, I quote it from the novel  ‘Notes on a Scandal’ by Zoe Heller, a description I related to and which prompted me to act, to plan each minute, each precious hour of each and every day.

Oh if you could see my wall calendar now…and the things I have planned!

The Blonde who goes walking with her chocolate labrador each morning, I ‘ve pencilled her in for next month ( I’m thinking Tuesday the 5th)

As for this month, well there is just so much planning and preparation for the task ahead, I look at my wall calendar now and am positively exhausted by the endless list of daily tasks I have set myself…but I would not have it any other way.

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