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This post was written in February about a cup of tea I shared with Kevin Rudd  in January of this year.

A mere 5 months after the tea ceremony…who would have thought that KRudd would once more be Prime Minister….I don’t believe Rudd, the RSPCA canines present as the tea service, myself even, saw it coming!!

The tale below is as surreal as the current Australian Political Climate…read on…if you dare…

I have always been behind the times…I don’t have a smart phone, I hate twitter and I like to read novels that are made our of paper….

In my recent post The Month that got away January 2013, I lamented that I wasted 31 days of a perfectly wonderful year wishing myself a new life, new career, partner, cat. Naturally when this did not eventuate I got depressed and anxious. When I snapped out of it….it was February already ( well at least it wasn’t November!!)

Blog writing took a back seat to the mental chit-chat that swirled about my head in January….from which job I would take at the Australian Council of the Arts to whether I wear a black, red or white dress to my impending nuptials to Johnny Depp….

With the fogg clearly oh so slightly in February, I realised some great things did happen during the first month of 2013, strange, odd occurances…so random in their nature that to write about them is the only way to make sense of the situation.

Catch up with a Mate was invited to have afternoon tea with Former Prime Minister of Australia, the honourable Mr Kevin Rudd. An event sponsored by Twinings Tea, in conjunction with the RSPCA, the tea ceremony was held at the Sydney University, where Mr Rudd launched his ‘ Australian Afternoon Tea’ blend ( sales from which a portion will go to the RSPCA)

Kevin and Kate

Kevin and Kate

In the summer sun, I mingled with the elite, drank Mr Rudd’s delightful tea blend, ate lamb sandwiches as puppy dogs frolicked on the manicured lawns of Sydney University. I was a unsure as to how I had ended up on the invite list, but truth be told…it really did no matter!! This was Catch up with a Mate’s first media invite and I lapping it up.

High Tea with K-Rudd's crew

High Tea with K-Rudd’s crew

Yes, January 2013…the month that got away….but in amongst it all….some trully magical things did happen xx

Special shout out to my fellow blogging buddy, Cup of Tea and a Blog, who was at K-Rudd afternoon tea. May we met again, I’d happily go along to an Arnotts Tim Tam launch with you!! ( just putting it out there, you NEVER know who could be reading!!)

Words fail me!!

Words fail me!!

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