Catching up with my newest mate, Leah Kate

I’d waited 5 weeks to meet my new friend Leah Kate.

Actually if you count the months I waited for her arrival into the world, I guess you can say I waited 10 months, 1 week, 3 hours and 23 minutes to meet her.

And it was worth the wait….

Leah Kate

Leah Kate

Leah Kate…we will have a life time of fun together.

We will swim together at MacAuley’s Beach, like I did with your Mum many moons ago, I will teach you to play the piano duet ‘ When the Saints go Marching in’, the very same duet I bashed out on my families piano with…you guessed it, your Mum and your Aunt Steph…and most importantly, we will make Banana Cream pie together in summer time ( and make the biggest mess possible, just like your Mum, Aunt Steph and I used to do at your Grandma’s house)

But above ALL else….it is my personal mission in life to turn you into a lover of cats ( much to your Father’s horror!)


It will be important for me to start at the very beginning, with tales of the cat Albert Boyle ( your Mum can fill in where are I can’t, she knew him well too). Next will come cat tales of the one and only Alice Boo Boyle….which will provide a great platform from which to launch to present day, to the delightful cat Flora Boyle…Oh the many yarns I will  spin of her Eastern Suburbs adventures!

Leah Kate, our times together will always be great…It can’t be any other way……. I have shared a life time of friendship with your Mum and your Aunt Steph, I think ever so highly of your Father and your big brother Juan Dunko (aka D.P.A)…he is just the best ever.

Let the fun times begin!!

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