The Last Supper- Catch up with a Mate June 2013

Catch up with a Mate Month, June, 2013 is over…..and this is the first blog post I have written about it.

But with good reason…I have been to busy doing the things that make my blog Catch up with a Mate: catching up with people.

For those of you have been following me for a while, or you might have stumbled across my writing for the very first timea breif history lesson, I started this blog back in May, 2011 with the intention of using it as a platform from which to use words to encourage friendship – What is this BLOG all ABOUT??

Like all blogs, I have diverted from the topic of friendship in my writing, but each in June of each year, I declare it Catch up with a Mate month, and my focus turns almost entirely to friendship.

So June, 2013- What happened?

  • I caught up with Interstate friends from Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland ( it just so happened that they where all visiting NSW in the month of June, what a lucky girl I am!!)
  • I caught up with friends in NSW, friends I have had in my life for many moons, friends I have collected since making the big move to Sydney 9 years ago, friends I formed whilst travelling the globe in 2001-2002…but when it all boils down to it, friends are friends, no matter how the bond is formed…and catch up with did!!
  • I met, held and hugged new babies….tiny, tiny people who will be part of my life from here on in

Where did these catch ups take place?

Small bars in Sydney, BBQ’s in Wollongong, a city South of Sydney, in Art Galleries and restaurants, movie theatres and cafes.

But conversations weren’t just limited to these venues, whilst they provided the frame-work for our catch ups, it was often on the walks to a venue, or whilst waiting at a bus stop or train station that our friendship really came to life- my companion and I would talk and talk, reminisce, laugh, shed a tear, voice our concerns or fears– friendship at its finest xx

What a month! Today is the 30th of June and I am spent! I lay in bed till 11am this morning…the month of June has taken a huge toll, all this catching up has left me tired, a have accrued a sleep dept that I doubt I will recover till May 2015!!

Yesterday was the last hurrah…I caught up with three friends at separate veneus, all with babies ( two brand new). That evening I hosted a dinner party ( the last supper)at which some of my favourite people in the whole world sat at table- my brother, my sister-in-law,my dear friend Miriam and her husband Luke.

The meal was simple- A main of  chicken parmigiana and roast vegetables and for dessert, sticky sate pudding with cream and ice-cream.

The highlight of the evening- hands down, the  conversation…. followed ever so closely by the BEST ever ANTIPASTO plate Miriam brought for entree ( three WHOLE plates for of ANTIPASTO delights) Note to self- ALWAYS ask MIM to cater!

So farewell Catch up with a Mate Month 2013…I need time off to recover, to recoup and refresh….June 2014 is only 12 months away!!


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