City 2 Surf 2013, 11th of August : Sydney CBD to Bondi

I have entered myself in the City 2 Surf, the LARGEST timed road race in the world!!

In two weeks’ time, on Sunday the 11th of August, I will run, walk and or crawl, with all 85,000 other entrants from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach.

I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, but having been training one day a week with a personal trainer since March…I was questioning what I was going to do with my new level of fitness.

The answer?  A fun run

And I am running for charity. I have not mentioned this not for profit organisation in my blog writing before for fear that if I mentioned it I would not be able to stop.

Check it out via clicking below:

Sydney Story Factory

 The Sydney Story Factory is located in  Redfern Sydney, a not for profit creative writing centre which sole purpose is to encourage children to write.

Trained volunteers (of which I am one) offer free help to children write stories of all kinds. Programs target marginalised young people, and those from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds, but are open to everyone.

I won’t go on…I vow to write more about the Story Factory in other blog entries…but I mention it as it is the charity I have chosen to dedicate my City 2 Surf run to…And YOU can sponsor me!!

I am running with the staff from publishing house ‘Random House’, with all monies raised going to the Sydney Story Factory.

To sponsor me, simply click on the link below.

Then you type in Random House and donate next to that name.

Thank you in advance, pray for me on the 11th of August and please check out the Sydney Story Factory (it will change your life, as it did mine!!)

Five Sentence Fiction- Limitless

Word Prompt- Limitless

Finally after months of torment in the school playground she had developed a tactic to cope with the bullying.

All the name calling, poking and prodding could not harm her once she found a quiet spot, closed her eyes and focused on her breath.

She had learned that the act of turning her attention inward soothed her, calmed her…the gentle inhale, the long exhale, was ever-present, a certainty in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

Whilst the hurt and suffering caused by the school yard bullies was still present, the act of focusing on her breath took the sting out of it.

Whilst in this quiet space she found peace within, the practice allowing belief to form that the name callers could not shape her destiny, her options in life where limitless!

Five Sentence Fiction- Wisdom

Word Prompt- Wisdom

She looked at her six-year-old son and beamed.

He had a wisdom beyond his years, his behaviour this morning had yet again confirmed it.

‘Mum, can I put the clothes in the washing machine for you?’ he had asked without prompting.

She had said yes, it wasn’t the first time he had asked, he loved pouring the colourful washing liquid ‘ green slime’ into the machine.

When the load had finished and she had walked into the laundry, inside the washing machine was a completed wash of colours only, the whites had been set aside for load two…Her son was indeed a genius!!


Nan and Gradnfather

Nan and Grandfather

My Nan is 92. Her husband, my Grandfather, well his age is unknown, or rather, never discussed!!Family members speculate that he will turn 90 next year.

I love them both dearly and realise I am very lucky to have such people in my life. I am in my mid 30’s and I still have someone I call Nan, someone I call Grandfather.

Catching up with them is always fun…the conversations will twist and turn, take the familiar path of discussing a year spent in Canada in 1981, my Grandfather’s love of Baskin Robins Ice Cream and my Nan’s in depth knowledge of contestants on the reality show the Voice ( ‘ Kate , you know the winner has a stutter. I was just so pleased he won’

Catching up with them is like stepping of life’s treadmill and into a world where time stands still ( literally as the clock in my Grandparents kitchen has stopped working…I paid them a visit at 2pm on Saturday and the clock in the kitchen proclaimed it was 8.45am)

Time spent with my Grandparents is time well spent. We enjoy each other company, take turns telling stories, take turns listening, always sharing a laugh.

And from my recent visit I take away two conversational gems…..

I rang my Grandparents to organise the catch up. I called from work at 5pm and my Nan answered the phone.

 ‘Hi Nan, its Kate’


‘Its me, Nan, Kate’

‘ Oh, its you Kate….I thought you were a telemarketer. They always call at this time’

‘ Would you prefer me to be a telemarketer Nan?’

‘ Oh no, Kate, I am glad it is you cause when the telemarketers call I say down the phone ‘ This is a RETIREMENT VILLAGE’ and hang up on them!!’

‘ Gee Nan, I consider myself lucky to still have you on the end of the line’

Shared laughter

My Grandparents will shortly celebrate Christmas in July at their retirement village. When I asked who does all the catering for the event, my Nan disclosed that their was a committee of 4 village members who did the organising.


‘Oh Kate. we leave the catering to the younger people!’

‘ How old are the younger people Nan?’

‘ 76’ 

Shared laughter

Yes, my Nan and Grandfather, people who have seen so much, know so much, have endured so much, loved and lost so much, are very much part of my life.

 I truly am one lucky 34-year-old.

Five Sentence Fiction – Locked

Word Prompt- Locked

Locked out.

Phone calls never returned, text messages and emails ignored, mail returned to sender.

I’ve seen him in town, some 50 metres off in the distance, he too has noticed me, lowered his gaze, crossed the road.

I loved this man with all my heart.

But that was then and this is now.

Breakast with Kevin Bacon

This time last week I was on a breakfast date with Kevin Bacon at the wonderful cafe, The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

But just like the game ‘ Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon‘  wherein movie buffs challenge each other to find the shortest path between an arbitrary actor and Hollywood  actor Kevin Bacon…there was no separating me from the man last Wednesday!!

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon

There can be no words when a picture so cute can say it all.

Kevin Bacon you stole my heart….Had I been introduced to you before I ate my breakfast I might have throught twice about ordering the Ham Hock on toast with smashed peas, parmesan and preserved lemon ( no doubt I ate one of your close relations….six degrees of separation and all)

Eating breakfast each morning with my black cat Flora just does not cut it anymore…my heart belongs to you.

Till we meet again Kevin Bacon….may the Ham Hock on the breakfast menu be removed, replaced by corn fritters or something of that nature…I want to see you on my return!

Kevin Bacon- The Happiest Pig in Sydney

Kevin Bacon- The Happiest Pig in Sydney

Five Sentence Fiction- Flight

It had hurt, really hurt, to think he would leave her.

All the talk of throwing caution to the wind, boarding an international flight, to well, anywhere, was so out of character, such a far-fetched idea that she had not taken any of it seriously.

She has dismissed it all as ‘hot air’, a phase that would pass, a small hiccup of discontent that would eventually resolve itself and life with her true love would return to normal.

What a fool she had been, self-absorbed and distant, her coping mechanism of withholding her true feelings about the matter backfiring….he had meant every word.

Normal was now a world of solitude….breakfast, lunch and dinner alone, the occasional post-card from somewhere exotic, from a person she considered a total stranger.

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