Why write when you can RUN!!

On Sunday the 11th of August I completed the City2Surf.

City 2 Surf

City 2 Surf

It was the BEST day EVER….

What is the City2Surf? It is the largest fun run in the world. 85,000 people run, walk, hop and or skip the 14 km track from the CBD of Sydney to Bondi Beach.

It was the BEST day EVER!!

For so many reasons….

The sense of community was alive and well. I arrived at the bus stop at 7.21am, only to realise that no bus would be able to stop to collect me….they were filled to capacity. People were squashed like sardines in a can, being propelled forward in big blue rectangles on wheels.

Not I….I high tailed it as soon as I realised a bus ride was not an option, only to be rescued by a lovely lady named ‘ Kerry’ who was driving her husband ‘ Larry’ into the city for the race.

Not only did ‘ Kerry ‘ transport me, but two other men who had remained at the bus stop….‘ Boys, do you want a lift?’ Kerry had yelled out the car window on approach….and sure enough, the two men ran like the starting gun had gone off at the City2Surf….and joined me in the back seat for a ride to the city.

The sense of wonder and fun that comes from running with 85,000 other people along the magnificent running course that is the City2Surf. I ran with the blind, the able-bodied, professional athletes, families, the young, middle-aged, and ‘young at heart’….I ran with people dressed in costumes, from Big Bird and Elmo, Superman, Pokemon and the Smurf Boys of Double Bay.

The sense of happiness and satisfaction that comes from doing something you NEVER thought you would EVER do…And for me, that was run 14kms…I never thought I would possess the fitness level to complete such a task. But I did…and I think I smiled the whole way from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach.

And when it was all over the accolades poured in…

My Mum and Dad called me a ‘ Champion’

Friends congratulated me on ‘ surviving’, said they ‘ knew I would be ok’, along with lines of ‘ congratulations’ and ‘ well done’

But the text message that inspired me most came from my friend Belinda, who I am told after a few wines, sent me the following well wishes on Friday the 9th of Aug:

‘Just want to wish you all the best for your City2Surf…..You are so COOL, BraVE and CrazY’

Yes, I am cool, brave and crazy cause next year I vow to do it all again!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tat (@muminsearch)
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 03:24:08

    i was wondering how you got there, glad you got rescued!


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