Pamplona, Spain ( minus photos)

Some may say that solo travel is not that glamorous.

I have spent some time questioning this  whilst I propel myself around the globe at a frenetic pace….battling bouts of loneliness and questioning my place in the universe.

Only time will tell what the purpose of this latest adventure truly is.

Till then I have to get on with the adventure!

I am in Pamplona, Spain at present, in the company of my friend Iosu and his girlfriend. It has been 11 years since Iosu and my paths have crossed. A random email was sent to friends I had lost contact when the 10 year anniversary of my life affirming overseas venture as a young 22-year-old came around.

This email yielded numerous responses,,,,and one about 10 months later from Iosu…, and we have been in touch via facebook and email since.

And here I am, sitting in his lounge room, recovering from a big street party that took place last night in the city centre. Pamplona and it’s people know how to party. Ageing however, makes all nighters near impossible and I fear my companions and me are suffering today.

But it could not be any other way!!

When in Spain you can siesta at anytime…today 5pm is siesta time, and then when we all wake up…..I think it will be the perfect time for another wine!!

Lisbon ( minus photos)

Dearest Readers

I am in Lisbon, Portugal. I am using my new iPad mini to write down my recollections of the last 72 hours. On this new device I have yet to master the art of uploading photos… Hence the title of this post.

I left Sydney on Monday, travelled some 32 hours plus to arrive in the Portuguese capital Lisbon in a haze of sleep deprivation. On the flight I had sat next to a woman for my home town of Wollongong, and having conversations whilst in transit in Zurich Switzerland about Franklins Thirroul  & Austinmer Beach was not something I ever imagined possible!!

But fast forward to the here and now…I am back in my room in the old town, Alfama. It is a lovely part of the city, hilly , with narrow cobble stoned streets and stunning views of the ocean.

The last 48 hours have been spent exploring, without a tour guide or book. Yes, this has been some what challenging and naive of me, and I have often walked in the direction of people I assume are tourist based on assumption alone. So far this approach has paid off, I have stumbled across parks, monuments and vantage points by chance, and have always enjoyed such finds due to the close proximity they have all been to patisseries . Portuguese tarts have become a staple dietary requirement!!

Tomorrow I board a night train to Spain, to catch up with a friend I have not seen for 11 years – true catch up with a mate behaviour!! But not before I go for another run along the Lisbon Harbour, eat some more cake and get lost in another cobble stone side street.

Grin and Bear it!

Bear and I

Bear and I





Today I turn 35. There is no other way to face the ageing process than head on, in an all embracing bear hug.
So 35….. Welcome!!

The day started with a 5km run with my dear friend Steph. The photo included in this post is of another friend I made on the day….Bear the dog. This might just be my most treasured photo of 2013. The look of joy on this little dog’s face is priceless. He is living in the moment, pure joy is expressed on his face….take a close look… He is Smiling!!

Bear is birthday reminder to me to live in the moment, treasure the small things, not sweat the big stuff….and above all smile…Grin and bear it….another birthday, another digit…not a problem.

Five Sentence Fiction – Flowers

‘ Look at all the pretty flowers Mummy!’

She had taken her 4-year-old to the park that day, it was early Spring, the sun was shining, everything in the world was good.

‘Tell me what you see Darling’ she had said as she knelt down beside the excited little girl, her hair in pig tails.

‘I can see flowers Mummy, lots and lots, some are yellow like the sun, some are red like my shoes and there are lots of green leaves’

The women smiled, patting her guide dog as she listened intently to the endless chatter of colours she would never see, being brought to life before her precious, precious  daughter.

Pet Parenting

This morning I was a bad pet parent.

Having been out every night this week, grocery shopping and general household chores had taken a back seat big time.

That also extended to pet care, and Flora the cat had officially run out of cat food after her 9pm feeding session last night.

Fat cat


I was awoken at 5.47am by Flora, meowing at a considerable decibel….and I knew what I had to do.

I grabbed whatever clothes lay on the floor, grabbed my wallet and headed up the road to the corner store to by her breakfast.

Never assume anything…Corner stores do not open at 6am for small sales such as 1 tin of cat food.

I returned home empty-handed to a cat who’s cry had increased in volume.

I took to the internet, to research open hours of supermarkets in the area….The first results where not promising. ‘ Our store opens for your convenience at 7am’

One look in Flora’s direction and I knew that was not convenient at all.

The next store search revealed a much more promising outcome ‘ Our store opens for your convenience at 6am’

I grabbed my car keys and raced out the door.

I was in the cat food aisle in under 10 minutes, stocking in up on not one, not two, but THREE boxes of the stuff ( it was on special after all)

By 6.33am Flora was fed and watered, happy and content.

By 6.47am Flora was asleep on my bed.

As for me, by 6.52am I could start to piece my morning back together…the price of pet parenting!!

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