Pamplona, Spain ( minus photos)

Some may say that solo travel is not that glamorous.

I have spent some time questioning this  whilst I propel myself around the globe at a frenetic pace….battling bouts of loneliness and questioning my place in the universe.

Only time will tell what the purpose of this latest adventure truly is.

Till then I have to get on with the adventure!

I am in Pamplona, Spain at present, in the company of my friend Iosu and his girlfriend. It has been 11 years since Iosu and my paths have crossed. A random email was sent to friends I had lost contact when the 10 year anniversary of my life affirming overseas venture as a young 22-year-old came around.

This email yielded numerous responses,,,,and one about 10 months later from Iosu…, and we have been in touch via facebook and email since.

And here I am, sitting in his lounge room, recovering from a big street party that took place last night in the city centre. Pamplona and it’s people know how to party. Ageing however, makes all nighters near impossible and I fear my companions and me are suffering today.

But it could not be any other way!!

When in Spain you can siesta at anytime…today 5pm is siesta time, and then when we all wake up…..I think it will be the perfect time for another wine!!

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  1. stephen boyle
    Sep 29, 2013 @ 22:45:30


    Glad to hear that you are enjoying long lost friendship. Mum is worried about random bulls in the streets of Pamplona – please be careful as Mum is now the president of Save The Horses Fund, Blayney Branch. I know that the Spanish lifestyle suits you – enjoy the siestas. Nan – on the improve and wanting to go home. She is in a rehab hospital in North Turramurra Grandfather – thinks he is on a static cruise – talking to everyone, going to exercise classes ,had haircut, clean shaven – respite is the holiday he needed. They are both talking about going back to Epping – we are hoping they will be told to go into care, hopefully, down here. M and T move in in 4 weeks

    Enjoy you travels – soon you will be back in Randwick



  2. Fangs' Mama
    Sep 29, 2013 @ 23:51:20

    I vote FOR solo travel. I LOVE it! The people you meet and the places you end up in. It simply couldn’t happen that way if you travelled en masse. Enjoy! It’s 09:50 here in Sydney and I want my Siesta now. 🙂


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