The Art of Relaxation by Flora Boyle



A picture can speak a thousand words………

And other time Jet lag prevents proper sentences and encourages poor spelling.

My one month European vacation is over, all that remains is the jet lag and the wonderful, wonderful memories that will sustain me till I board another plane, train, ferry, bus or scooter to somewhere exotic.

But in the meantime, real life is here and now……and I have been re-united with my friend and flatmate. Flora the cat. Flora is a constant study in the art of relaxation…she takes it to another level….from her I must learn!!

It is good to be home, to be stationary, to stop and smell the roses, look up at the blue sky, admire the lush greenery that dresses the trees that line my street…Spring has sprung whilst I have been away….

The art of relaxation, taking things just that little bit slower, really listening to a friend, savouring a sweet treat, a home cooked meal….

And if I fail at that, I can just look to Flora….who does it so well this relaxation thing….every single moment….of every…single…day!!

Five Sentence Fiction – Malice

She pulled from her hand bag a fresh handkerchief and passed it to her little boy.

Tears were welling in his eyes, his sister having gobbled down the cupcakes purchased for an afternoon treat.

‘ Don’t cry darling, it was a misunderstanding, Julie did not realise that one of the cakes were for you, she thought you where spending the afternoon at Gran’s’

This only made the tears worse,  as he had seen the intent in his sister’s eyes as she greedily ate both cakes.

What hurt more than missing out on the treat was his Mother’s unwavering belief that Julie was incapable of such hurtful behaviour…… tears continued to stream down his face until dinner time.

Letter to London

Dear London

Cheers London- Last drinks at the world number one bar- Artesian, Langham Hotel

Cheers London- Last drinks at the world number one bar- Artesian, Langham Hotel

How are you?

I am well, tired but well, sitting on a park bench in my favourite park, St James’, writing this letter to you.
I am leaving town…..Have been in your company for the past week. It has been fun, and I just wanted to say thank you.
Despite the weather being what can only be described as average, you really have put your party clothes for me.
I have seen contemporary dance, a West End musical and theatre production, extraordinary exhibitions and street art. I have eaten like a king at Borough Markets, numerous restaurants and cafes and been treated like a princess by the friends I have been staying with in Canary Wharf.
The tube might smell and be over crowded, yet it has seen me through a week long navigation period without a hitch….I have become quiet a fan of Westferry DLR service…always on time!
I respect your attempts to get more of your city dwellers on bicycles…it is something Sydney, my home town is trying to do….but you do it better.
And I have fallen in love numerous times whilst drinking coffee in your hipster hangouts in Shoreditch and Spitalfields….London, you take people watching to a new level!
Lastly I want to thank you for taking such good care of my fellow friends who call you home. Catching up with each and everyone of them in numerous locations across the city has made this week stay all the more special.
So thank you London….it’s been fun.
Till next time
Your fan
Kate Boyle

Lohuec, Brittany, France

Andrew doing a birthday dance atop a mountain, Ile de Batz.

Andrew doing a birthday dance atop a mountain, Ile de Batz.

I sit in a cafe in Spitalfields, East London, ‘ The Breakfast Club’ – super cool….Ears pricked and at the ready for eavesdropping …just overheard this beauty ” Charles, my career has been a series of disappointments”

I have consumed a meal I did not need, let alone want….but it was sooo good. This very behaviour typifies my holiday….

In a haze of smoke from breakfast bacon, mixed with the smell of sugar syrup from pancake stacks, my mind floats back to yesterday when I was in Brittany, France….in a small town called Lohuec.

Why was I there? How did an Aussie girl end of holidaying in a small French village, population 25 / average age 72 years.

Luck, chance and a good man named Andrew.

5 days of indulgence for which I still suffer…breakfast, lunch and dinners that consisted of fine pastries, cheese and wine

Lazy days spent riding bikes on lush green islands….afternoon strolls along cobble stone streets, crepe in hand, wine in flask.

Home cooked French meals, an in-house French Film Festival and a birthday celebration…Life begins at 35!! Crack open the champagne! cheese anyone?Did someone say birthday cake?!

I may have left my heart in Paris, but I am certain to forever carry an extra kilo or three from my time in Lohuec!

Thank you for the memories Mr G…they are priceless, precious and I have the kilos to prove it xx

Jardin Luxembourg and the cautionary tale of the Quiche Lorraine

This morning, day two of my Paris adventure, I went for a jog in Jardin Luxembourg.
I jogged for 20mins, once round the park, before the lure of pastries got the better of me. I set off on foot in the direction of a pastry shop I have frequented numerous times- Gerard Moulet. Seriously over priced but seriously good.

I brought 3 items, a quiche Lorraine, plum tart and a mini brioche.

I then walked as fast as I could back to Jardin Luxembourg where I would devour this feast.

The quiche had been warmed, so it was first on the eating agenda. On first mouth full, it was love at first bite.Salty bacon, an egg and cream mixture which was light and fluffy and pastry that oozed buttery,flaky goodness.

I could not get enough if it!! In a matter of seconds it was consumed….I almost cried as I swallowed the last mouth full.

Then without thinking….I moved onto the brioche…

And that is when disappointment set I and a life lesson was learnt.

Savour each moment, each and every moment…..for although the brioche was good, as was the plum tart that followed it was not the quiche….it was never going to be…that moment was over, I had been propelled forward to the land of sweet not savoury.

And so the cautionary tale of the Quiche Lorraine was leant in the Jardin Luxembourg….a lesson know no doubt I will come across time and time again in my life, savour the moment, be present to experience the here and now.

As the tried and true saying goes, often we don’t realise how good we have got it till its gone.

A quiche Lorraine taught me so much today….you just never know!!! Ah Paris!!


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